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Ashesi University offers four-year bachelors degrees in computer science and business administration, based on a liberal arts core curriculum. A service learning component is built into the curriculum, and the overall program challenges students to not only hone their critical thinking and communication skills, but also apply theory to practice through class projects and internships. One of Ashesi's goals is to train college students in the use of information technology so they can fulfill a vital role in bridging the digital divide between industrialized and developing countries. Students use technology for activities including writing papers, running simulations of economic and market strategy games, and programming.

Liberal Arts Core
Ashesi's core curriculum consists of an interdisciplinary liberal arts program that includes courses in the humanities and social sciences, as well as mathematics and preparatory business and computer science courses. A liberal arts education develops students' critical thinking skills, by teaching them to explore the connections between fields of knowledge, separate relevant information from the irrelevant, question assumptions, reflect on the views of other people, and explore and analyze alternative explanations to the many aspects of human existence. Click here for course descriptions.

Service Learning
At Ashesi, the liberal arts approach extends beyond the classroom through service learning. The service learning component is a requirement for graduation, and exists as another dimension of our commitment to nurturing well-rounded graduates who personify excellence in scholarship, leadership and citizenship. In particular, service learning helps students develop a sense of citizenship by giving them an opportunity to not only become engaged with their surrounding community, but also consider how they can make a positive impact on improving that community or solving its problems.

Business Administration
As new technological advances and an increasingly global economy transform the way businesses operate, it is extremely important for any nation to train the men and women who can lead their economies through this change. Ashesi seeks to train such people for Ghana by providing a well-rounded business education that emphasizes the fundamentals of business, and introduces students to the latest trends that are changing the business world. While Ashesi's curriculum prepares business students to excel in locally owned businesses, Ashesi's business management courses were specifically designed to meet standards set by more sophisticated multinational companies. Ashesi's business graduates will be capable of starting entrepreneurial ventures or assuming managerial positions in multinational corporations operating in Ghana or other countries.

In order for Ashesi's business graduates to excel in leading Ghanaian industry, they must not only understand the forces shaping today's marketplace, but also be life-long learners, and must be able to discern opportunities that derive from the needs of society, now and in the future. As such, Ashesi's business program depends heavily on the foundation set by the core curriculum, and was designed to produce future leaders for Ghanaian - and African - industry. Click here for course descriptions.

Computer Science
The computer science program was designed to produce graduates who will enable Ghana to take maximum advantage of the opportunities created by the information revolution. As advanced electronic networks render geographical location less important, Ashesi's students will be well positioned to spearhead Ghana's entry into the electronic marketplace, and to pick up outsourced programming projects from more affluent countries. Students learn the concepts and skills necessary for them to participate in the on-going global technological revolution, while taking advantage of the key competitive advantages that come with working in Ghana. Ashesi's computer science program was designed to produce graduates who can start entrepreneurial ventures in software engineering or assume positions in information technology departments of established firms operating in Ghana. Students acquire skills needed to design, install, and manage information systems, and to develop customized software and electronic media solutions.

The computer science program focuses not only on teaching students the specifics of software design and programming, but also on creating leaders for the software industry in Ghana - men and women who can lead teams and organizations into the information age. The computer science program is therefore tightly integrated with the core curriculum in much the same way that the business program is. Click here for course descriptions.

Africana Studies
Integral to our mission of training a new generation of African leaders, the Africana Studies Program at Ashesi University constitutes an important means for helping students understand Africa's past and present, and begin to formulate some ideas of how this diverse society might be shaped for future generations. Furthermore, the Africana Studies Program serves as a platform for collaboration between local and international scholars of Africana. Currently, the Africana Studies Program at Ashesi is a multi-disciplinary program with a selected set of advanced (level 300 & 400) courses in the following fields of study: African music and dance, archaeology, architecture, history, philosophy, political science, and sociology.

Africana Studies courses are of particular interest to Study Abroad students, and also serve as electives in the liberal arts core curriculum. Courses are taught on a flexible schedule driven by student interest and faculty availability. Students interested in taking specific Africana Studies course should express such interest to the Dean of Academic Affairs at least a full semester before the intended date of taking a specific course. Fulltime students must have successfully completed two prerequisites, Expository Writing and Text & Meaning, before taking an advanced course in Africana Studies. Click here for course descriptions.

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