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That sense of belonging

Ada Ojukwa
Class of 2005
Transfer student from University of Houston

My story is quite different from most of my colleagues at Ashesi. I had been in the United States for a couple of years, and was working towards my BA degree but felt no sense of purpose or belonging to the US. I decided to start looking towards home (Africa) for a refreshing start and inspiration. A major obstacle towards coming back to Africa was the lack of a good educational institutions which possessed high quality education and facilities. So I started my search and came across Ashesi on the World Wide Web, I was so impressed by the school's website, and the reviews it had received. To top it all there was a major similarity with the schools curriculum and that of which I was already familiar with back in the states. So I packed my bags and decided to head home to Africa.

My experience at Ashesi, I must say, has been one of astonishment and pride. On arriving at the school, I felt that sense of belonging. I felt that intense feeling of being part of something important. I have been blessed to be allowed to be a part of the graduating class of 2005 which is comprised of young men and women who are driven to make an impact in their country, and who expect the best out of this great opportunity given to them. This is one thing I did not see in the United States: this drive, and this focus to achieve one's dreams. It is one of the things that have kept me in awe of Ashesi University and how it encourage its students to aim high to achieve their collective dreams - a dream that as future leaders of tomorrow, we can work to bring this great nation out of the "slums" and into the progressing light of other developed countries, and be known as such.

Everywhere I go now, people ask, "What school do you attend?" My response with a smile, "Ashesi University, my school, my home, and my new beginning."

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