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ICT Infrastructure at Ashesi
By enabling effective sharing of information and knowledge, Ashesi campus network forms an important part of our efforts to achieve excellence in our academic programmes. At Ashesi, Information & Communication Technology (ICT) is seamlessly integrated into every aspect of operations, including administration, teaching, health care, and the library. Our infrastructure includes state of the art audio-visual equipment that aids instructors in the delivery of course content, and provides an opportunity for students to hone their public speaking and presentation skills.

Network Access
All classrooms, offices and study areas throughout the campus are wired to a high-speed data network, which is connected to the Internet via satellite. 

Hours of Operation: Computer Lab

Monday to Thursday 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

66 computers in total

  • 32 computers in the computer lab
  • 4 computers in the lecture halls
  • 27 computers in faculty and staff offices
  • 2 computers in the library for on-line research and catalogue searches
  • 1 computer in the infirmary

Workstations at Ashesi run Windows XP Professional and Microsoft Office XP. Ashesi's servers run the Windows 2000 Server operating system and employ Exchange 2000 as the platform for messaging and collaboration. All computers on the network are protected against viruses by the latest of McAfee's Netshield antivirus software. Students, faculty and staff can log on to any computer on the network and have their personal settings move with them. In essence, members of the Ashesi community can use any computer on campus as a window to their data, presented the way they want it. Team meetings, reservation of resources, and posting of discussion lists by faculty and students can be done with ease whilst maintaining user rights and permissions. Individual student folders, common folders, shared folders, and web folders are accessed by authorized users with various access right assignments, thus making user data available and secure anywhere at anytime.

Network Accounts
All faculty, staff, and students receive network and e-mail accounts. In addition to e-mail access, network accounts allow for file storage on network servers. Students have a 100MB disk quota for personal storage space, in addition to a 10MB quota for e-mail storage and space in class folders.

Data Protection
To maintain smooth, uninterrupted operations, Ashesi has established mechanisms to ensure that user data are secure and readily available at all times. First, all servers have redundant disk drives. Second, Veritas Executive Backup is used to back up network and user data automatically. Third, a central Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) provides protection against power fluctuations and failures for all connected equipment, including network switches and computer hardware. All equipment not connected to the central UPS system are connected to individual power backup devices. There is also an emergency diesel power generating set to provide AC power in case of power outages. In short, every precaution has been taken to ensure the safe storage of data throughout the Ashesi campus, even in the face of power failures and voltage fluctuations.

Coming Up
Work is on-going to develop a campus Intranet for the Ashesi Community. The intranet will serve as a bulletin board for campus news, and will enable more campus business to be conducted electronically. For instance, students will be able to view course information (including grades) online, and will be able to search the library catalog from any terminal on campus.

    Ashesi's IT Management Team
    The management of Ashesi's IT infrastructure has been outsourced to AccuComputers Limited, a leading IT company in Ghana. This outsourcing arrangement enables Ashesi to leverage the resources and experience of an established IT firm, thus allowing us to concentrate on developing a world-class academic program. This focus is particularly important during our first few years of operation.

    AccuComputers Limited is a representative for Compaq and HP products, and is also the number one distributor of Apple products in Ghana. AccuComputers' Ashesi team (comprised of Duke, Edem, Ato and Fred, pictured below) tunes up the network, maintains current versions of supported software and hardware across campus, and provides assistance to users having problems with supported software and equipment.

    Setting up Ashesi's satellite dish. Huddled around the server rack.

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