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Students Reflect on their Internship Experiences

The following essays are just a small sampling of how Ashesi students are making their mark in corporate Ghana. From a desperate search for internships to glowing success, our students reflect on their recent work experiences and the lessons learned. Although each essay presented here describes a unique view into the real world of business, these stories also describe common themes: perseverance, hard work, integrity (in every sense of the word), and the realization of just how well Ashesi has prepared its students for their future careers.

Running a Good Race

Regina Agyare
Class of 2005

An Uncommon Level of Dedication

Abraham Nantogma
Class of 2005

The Importance of Good Systems

Andrew Tarawali
Class of 2005

Proving Yourself

Yawa Osebreh
Class of 2006

Recognizing Opportunity and Working Hard

Stephen Kofi Ocloo
Class of 2005

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