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At Ashesi, we believe the brightest students, and future leaders of Africa, should have access to a high quality education regardless of their ability to pay for this innovative private education. About 50% of Ashesi's students receive full or partial financial aid. Scholarships are critical to our ability to attract women and top students from rural backgrounds or difficult circumstances. You can help these students by making a charitable gift that will pay for his or her tuition and fees. You can sponsor a student through our new Build a Leader sponsorship program and provide full or partial tuition support ranging from $500 per year to $5,000 per year for a single year or for all four years.

Scholarships are making a difference
The generosity of our supporters across the globe has enabled us to provide scholarships to many deserving students that could not otherwise afford an Ashesi education. To demonstrate what a difference these gifts have made, we have collected a group of short essays by scholarship recipients about their university experience. We hope you will enjoy the selections below.

Stephen Amevedzi
Class of 2005

The Ashesi experience is an exceptional one. Ashesi has given me a very positive outlook with an orientation that I believe will be instrumental in my achievement of success in life. The educational experience here has been interesting and it is especially satisfying for me to be part of the foundations of the African dream Ashesi is. In today's competitive job market, I believe a new entrant must have an exceptionally unique and marketable set of skills that will differentiate one from the rest. I have found this at Ashesi.

This unique educational experience would have been out of my reach if Ashesi had not given me a scholarship to pursue my education. That scholarship has opened new doorways. I am pleased with the education I am receiving here at Ashesi University. I believe I have every right to be excited about the future.

Araba Amuasi
Class of 2007

In December 2003 when I was completing my application forms for Ashesi University, I was hoping against all hope that I would be admitted in order to pursue my dream of becoming a great African programmer. At the same time I knew at the back of my mind that if I did get admitted to Ashesi, I might be unable to attend without some financial aid.

I was thrilled when I received my letter of admission together with information that I had a grant from Ashesi University. I joined the Ashesi community in April 2004 and so far I have no regrets for making the decision to attend.

For me, everyday at Ashesi is a great learning experience. Any student who has a passion for learning and discovering new ways of doing things as I do, fits perfectly into the Ashesi community. Any student who does not believe in mediocrity, is willing to do things the right way and wants to change the image of Ghana and Africa, will find Ashesi the right place to be.

The idea of a liberal arts education is still quite new to Ghana and it will take time for the skeptics to accept it. However, I do not stand alone when I say that most Ashesi students look forward to showing the country and the rest of the world that studying at Ashesi makes a difference. I do wish that all students interested in Computer Science and Business Administration could afford to be in a school like Ashesi.

Sara Mills
Class of 2007

"A fane from which boys and girls can seek the highest form of inspiration." A place one can not leave without experiencing how vast and exciting the world is. Through club activities, class sessions, general sessions, lunch time conversations, students experience the heart of the matter: intellectual growth.

I chose to come to Ashesi because I wanted an educational experience which would be challenging and allow the analytical part of my mind to come alive. Also I wanted a medium through which I would be free to rediscover myself and that is exactly what Ashesi has offered me.

Ashesi maybe in a small physical space but it offers much more. At Ashesi, you are provided with avenues to excel. The teachers are so dedicated to their work and they do not just teach but make you think to prove things for yourself. They try as much as possible to break the gap between faculty and students and they do it with such undisputed success.

Without a doubt the pace of life at Ashesi is challenging but with dedication and focus on my part I have come to realize that the Ashesi experience is an excellent teacher.

I believe that Ashesi is creating a different crop of people-leaders who are going to change the world and make the assertion by Atukwei Armah that "the beautiful ones are not yet born" totally unacceptable. The beautiful ones have been born --Ashesi graduates-- and they are not only "beautiful" but are far more aware of their world than others before them.

I believe that we at Ashesi are bound by a bond so strong and will gradually make Ashesi the "Harvard" of Africa.

Appolonia Kumi
Class of 2008

After my secondary education, I had no interest in any Ghanaian university. I thought the best thing to do was to leave the country, but times were really tough and my Dad told me to wait a year in order to gather some resources to enable him to send me abroad.

I applied to Ashesi University after I realized it was a university with a difference. My application was approved and I was offered financial aid. My joy knew no bounds. Ashesi University, just during the orientation week, changed my life and way of thinking. I was totally impressed by what I saw. The faculty are excellent and it is one of the most organized, most peaceful and most academically inclined place you could ever wish to be.

I am glad to be here and I wish to be nowhere else on this planet. At this pace, Ashesi University is on its way to becoming a pacesetter of African intelligence in Africa and the world at large.

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