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May 2002: Index

By Linda Ribeiro
Ashesi has just begun and oh, what a start it has been!

There's No News Like Bad News
By Mark Poynter
Ghana's well-known television host of "Time with David" visits the Ashesi campus as a guest lecturer.

We Got Us A Satellite!
By Kweku Tandoh
In April 2002, the global village welcomed the newest addition to its citizenship: Ashesi University.

Who Said Being a Manager Is Easy?
By Andrew Tarawali
Comments from first-year student Andrew on his class' company visit to an intravenous fluid factory and the insight he gained from the General Manager's presentation.

JoyFM Easter Soup Kitchen
By Linda Fiah
Wasting no time, Ashesi students have established a social outreach program. Here Linda describes their first group experience with a community service activity.

What Constitutes a Good Leader?
By Linda Young-Ribeiro
Students learn in many ways at Ashesi. Linda introduces the leadership seminar, where students explore what consitutes good leadership.

Library Update
By Denise Oduro-Konadu
First-year student Denise introduces Ashesi's library resources.

"The Club"
By Regina Agyare and Linda Young-Ribeiro
Extra-curricular activities get their start on the Ashesi campus.

Health Services at Ashesi
By Isaac Tuggun
A student's perspective on our campus infirmary.

What's That Wonderful Smell?
By Linda Young-Ribeiro
Thankful comments on the campus cafeteria.

The buzz on campus: miscellaneous news items on what's happening at Ashesi.

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