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Daring to Dream: Index

By Linda Young-Ribeiro
Daring to Dream
The essays in this bulletin speak to the hopes and aspirations of the Ashesi community. But are these just the dreams of those of us at Ashesi, or are they a reflection of a deeper and broader sentiment in Ghana and Africa?  Read on and then decide for yourself.

Empowering Young Minds
By Michelle Eghan
In an essay inspired by the events of Inauguration Day, Michelle asserts, "Ghanaians don't need to have the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund making policies and impacting upon their lives. We need strong ethical and inspired leadership. With education and dedication to ourselves and to our country, we can turn the current situation around."

Transcript: Welcome Speech by Andrew Tarawali on Inauguration Day
Andrew Tarawali welcomes our guests and explains why he and his fellow students think Ashesi is so special.  "When you dream a wonderful dream and it comes true, how do you describe the feeling you get? That's how difficult it is to describe one's feelings about Ashesi."

Transcript: Remarks by Patrick Awuah, Founder and President of Ashesi University
Likening Inauguration Day to Ghana's traditional "outdooring ceremonies" Mr. Awuah introduces this new institution, Ashesi University, to the Ghanaian public. 

Transcript: Keynote Speech delivered on behalf of the Minister of Education by Mr. Paul Effah, Executive Secretary of The National Council for Tertiary Education
The Minister of Education shares his thoughts and hopes for Ashesi's role in national development. 

Images from Inauguration Day, October 9th, 2002
As the adage goes, a picture speaks a thousand words. Enjoy.

Women of Ashesi
By Linda Fiah
Introducing the Women of Ashesi, a club dedicated to enriching and empowering women at Ashesi.

If Anyone Can, Ashesi Can
By Mark Poynter
Faculty member Mark Poynter asserts Ashesi's ability to accomplish its goals.

Profile: David Komla Dzunu, Associate Director of Admissions
By Stephen Amevedzi
Stephen Amevedzi welcomes David Dzunu to the Ashesi community.

The Buzz On Campus: News items on what's happening at Ashesi.

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