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July 2003: Index

EDITOR'S NOTE, July 2003

By Michelle Eghan & Isaac Tuggen

As the new editors of the Ashesi Bulletin, Isaac Tuggun and I are very privileged to become a part of Ashesi's voice. We firmly believe that the articles published within this bulletin will highlight life in the Ashesi community. We hope to bring insightful and inspiring stories to your attention so that Ashesi University will become a place that will be forever in your thoughts. Throughout this first semester, the students have been kept busy with a variety of activities. At the beginning of the year, the Class of 2006 was welcomed into the Ashesi community with a week long orientation session. They had the opportunity to meet the members of the Class of 2005 and to get familiar with Ashesi's educational system. Computer classes, tours, and workshops were given to give the incoming class a chance to get to know Ashesi better. The students have formed extra-curricular activity clubs such as the Scrabble League, the Junior Achievement Association, the Ashesi Christian Fellowship, and the Ashesi Choir. It has been a very productive and active first semester.

We hope that you enjoy the articles and get more of an insight into Ashesi life.

Joy FM Soup Kitchen
By Charles Hanson-Quao, Class of 2006
Ashesi freshman Charles Hanson-Quao describes his experience volunteering with his fellow classmates at a soup kitchen in Accra, sponsored by a local radio station.

Dean Campbell Lectures at Ashesi
By Abdul-Latif Issahaku, Class of 2005
Abdul-Latif Issahaku, a member of Ashesi's sophomore class, reflects on the Leadership Seminar co-taught by former US Congressman and Dean of the University of California, Berkeley's Haas School of Business, Tom Campbell. During the course, students were asked to become familiar with the Ghanaian constitution and reflect on the importance of the rule of law.

Reflections on Teaching at Ashesi
By Kentaro Toyama, Visiting Lecturer in 2002
Joining us from Microsoft Research's Interactive Visual Media Group, Kentaro Toyama taught Calculus to Ashesi's class of 2005. Teaching a challenging subject in a 2-month period, Mr. Toyama discovered that his students were not only highly driven to succeed but, whether they knew it or not, were on "nothing short of a spiritual quest."

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