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June 2004: Index

Edited by: Michelle Eghan, Isaac Tuggen and Catherine Evans-Totoe


Orientation 2004
By Yawa Osebreh, Class of 2006
In this short article, Ashesi student Yawa Osebreh describes her experience as part of the Welcoming Committee during the 2004 orientation. As an upper-classmen she reflects on her freshman experience and welcomes a new group of Ashesi students to campus.

Mohammed - A Poem
By Mohammed Osumanu, Ashesi Staff
This poem was written by Ashesi University staff member Mohammed Osumanu while auditing the Expository Writing course offered at the University in the fall of 2003. Upon joining Ashesi's staff in 2000, Mohammed had not completed his secondary school education and joined Ashesi University as its grounds keeper. Since being employed at Ashesi he has been encouraged to complete his secondary school education with guidance from a tutor and audit courses at Ashesi, and has increased his professional duties significantly. We would like to thank Mohammed for agreeing to share this poem with the entire Ashesi community.

High Productivity or High Wages - Which Comes First?
By Dr. Peter Sturm, Visiting Lecturer, Macroeconomics
In this critical essay Dr. Sturm argues that it is increases in productivity that will lead to an increase in wages. Thus governments in developing countries are forced to tackle tough policy questions, such as whether to invest directly in 'formal' economic sectors, for example manufacturing, which will have an immediate and measurable impact on productivity, or 'informal' sectors, such as health care and education, which may have a greater indirect long-term impact on economic performance but is not easy to measure.

Discrete Structures and Theory Class Visits Ghanaian Court
By Abdul-Latif Issahaku, Class of 2005
Ashesi sophomore Abdul-Latif Issahaku describes a trip to a Ghanaian Court of Law by his Discrete Structures and Theory class. The trip was conceived to allow students to experience the presentation of logical arguments in a structured setting.

BBC/Reuters Reporter Interacts with Students/Staff
By Abdul-Latif Issahaku, Class of 2005
Ashesi's students, staff and faculty were treated to a memorable experience when they interacted with a BBC and Reuters' reporter, Kweku Sakyi-Addo, last semester. Mr. Sakyi-Addo has for ten years reported news from Ghana for the BBC's African Service, Network Africa and Focus-In-Africa. Described as one of the finest journalists in Ghana today, he prides himself with the privilege of working for the prestigious Reuters, the largest wire service. Kweku shared with students his philosophy on reporting and the keys that have made him successful as a journalist.

A Trip to the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission
By Abdul-Latif Issahaku, Class of 2005
In November Ashesi students had the opportunity to tour the Ghana Research Reactor Centre, the largest nuclear reactor in the West Africa Sub-region.
The idea to visit the Commission followed a presentation given by Professor E. K. Osae, Deputy Director-General of the GAEC at Ashesi under the initiative of Professor Sitsofe Anku for his Discrete Mathematics class. The trip was designed to expose students to the practical application of mathematics in nuclear and atomic physics.

Looking Through an Ashesi Telescope - A Letter to Ryma
By Senyo Akaba, Class of 2006
This letter written by Ashesi Sophomore Senyo Akaba to a friend in Europe and was posted to the popular website Ghanaweb as a feature article on March 27th, 2004. This inspirational letter describes how one student's experience at Ashesi has changed the way they view Ghana and the future of Africa.

Visiting Lecturer Profile: Ayorkor Mills-Tetteh
By Ayorkor Mills-Tetteh, Visiting Lecturer
Learn a little bit more about one of Ashesi's visiting Computer Science Lecturers. Ayorkor returned to Ghana to teach at Ashesi after completing a Masters in Computer Science from Dartmouth College. Ayorkor teaches Human Computer Interaction and Data Structures.

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