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August 2004: Index

Edited by: Michelle Eghan, Isaac Tuggen and Catherine Evans-Totoe


Reflections on a Year at Ashesi
By Ayorkor Mills-Tettey, Visiting Lecturer
Ms. Mills-Tettey reflects on her experience teaching at Ashesi for a year, and describes how the values of knowledge, volition and action are translated into the Ashesi curriculum. In her classrooms she focused students on solving practical, real-world problems.
Ayorkor shares some of her experiences that have made her believe that students educated at Ashesi will have an important impact on Ghanaian society.

Ashesi: A Place of Many Beginnings
By Keren Mettle-Nunoo, Class of 2006
This poem, written by student Keren Mettle-Nunoo, is a tribute to Ashesi Founder Patrick Awuah and his work to found a new university in Ghana.

Do Men Need Liberation Too?
By Yawa Osebreh, Class of 2006
In this editorial article, Ashesi sophomore Yawa Osebreh argues that men are just as constrained by their gender roles as women. She argues that socially prescribed gender roles often force men to feel extreme pressure to be providers for their families, which may be partially to blame for higher suicide rates and shorter life spans for men than women.

The Experience that is Ashesi
By Sara Mills, Class of 2007
In this short essay, first year student Sara Mills describes her experience at Ashesi. She describes why she chose to attend Ashesi and how it is different from other schools in Ghana.

Soup Kitchen Diary
By Linda Fiah, Class of 2005
Linda Fiah describes her experience volunteering with other Ashesi students at a soup kitchen in Accra . Students offer food, clothing and health services to homeless families living in Accra. Linda has participated in the soup kitchen every year for the past three years and shares the lessons learned from her experiences.

Ashesi Students Gain Work Experience Through Internships
By Claude Kweku Hutchful, Class of 2006
This article describes some of the internships and work study opportunities that Ashesi students participated in during their time away from classes. Ashesi students worked in a wide variety of positions, from designing websites to teaching in secondary schools.

Design Class Visits Ghanaian Software Company
By Eric Acheampong, Class of 2006
Ashesi's design class had the opportunity to visit Ghanaian software developer SoftTribe's facilities in Accra and speak with the company's President
Mr. Herman Chinery-Hesse. SoftTribe develops software programs to support the activities of companies in the industrial, financial and manufacturing sectors of the West African sub-region. Mr. Chinery-Hesse spoke with students about the design process and gave them to opportunity to view software his company is producing in different stages of development.

Students Form New Organization: The African Renaissance Movement
By Senyo Akaba, Class of 2006
A group of Ashesi students has formed a new organization, The Africa Renaissance Movement, as a forum to discuss and find solutions for critical problems affecting modern Africa. Read the organization's mission statement, and proposed means to achieve its goals.

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