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Welcome to the Ashesi University Bulletin; an electronic publication for parents, donors and friends of the university. The University Bulletin features campus news, essays, profiles of people in our community, and of course, the vigorous academic debates that are so fundamental to a community of learning such as ours. We hope you will continue to visit this page for a sense of what occupies our thoughts each semester.

March 2005 A series of essays reflect on how we learn by leaving our house.
August 2004 Ashesi students make significant strides as they prove themselves during internships at local companies.
June 2004 Ashesi begins its third year; and Ashesi staff member, Mohammed, shares what Ashesi means to him.
December 2003
July 2003 New student editors, Michelle Eghan and Isaac Tuggen share insights into life at Ashesi.  
October 2002  The essays in this bulletin speak to the hopes and aspirations of the Ashesi community. But are these just the dreams of those of us at Ashesi, or are they a reflection of a deeper and broader sentiment in Ghana and Africa?
May 2002 Ashesi has just begun and oh, what a start it has been!!
Ashesi's Earliest Years Features from May 1998 when Ashesi's founders first conducted a feasibility study, until February 25, 2002 when Ashesi's first students arrived on campus for Orientation Week.

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