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News from 2005
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Student Government forms at Ashesi University
March 10, 2005
Marking a major milestone in Ashesi's history, the students of Ashesi University elected the first leaders of the student government.  Ashesi's student government comprises three branches: Ashesi Student Council (ASC), Judicial and Electoral Committee (JEC), and Student Academic Committee (SAC).  Election results are as follows.

Ashesi Student Council

  • Kingsley Ajei-Godson

  • Stephen Amevedzi
    Vice President

  • Maame Dufie Cudjoe
    General Secretary

  • Aba Ackun
    Finance Officer

  • Seyram Ahiabor
    Sports Chairperson

  • Kwame Asare-Amponsah
    Entertainment Chairperson

  • Kojo Bimpong-Buta
    Welfare Chairperson

  • Fatou Traore
    Judicial Chairperson

Student Academic Committee

  • Kweku Tandoh
    Rep 2005

  • Dodzi Anku
    Rep 2006

  • Naomi Coffie-Kuwornu
    Rep 2007/2008

Judicial & Electoral Committee

  • Nii Amon Dsane
    Rep 2005

  • Sylvia Mbama
    Rep 2006

  • Zubair Abubakr
    Rep 2007/2008

Kingsley Agyei-Godson
(Class of 2005)
President, Ashesi Student Council

Election Overview
Electorate: 136 students
Votes Counted: 94
Participation: 69.11%

The election of officers to the various branches of student government, culminates a semester long process of designing a constitution for student government, spearheaded by student founders: Seyram Ahiabor (Class of 2005), Daniel Ofori-Dankwa (Class of 2006), Patrick Quantson (Class of 2005), and Fatou Traore (Class of 2006).

Adzo Amegayibor joins as Associate Director of Career Placement
March 1, 2005

We are delighted to announce that Adzo Amegayibor has joined the Ashesi team as the Associate Director of Career Placement, effective Tuesday March 1st.  Ms. Amegayibor deeply understands the liberal arts approach to education and has had experience in both career placement and admissions. She holds a BA (Cum Laude) in International Relations from Mount Holyoke College and a Master of Public Policy and Administration from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.  Her top priority this year is to ensure that our pioneering class of 2005 continues to blaze new paths for Ashesi University.

United States Ambassador to Ghana visits Ashesi
Feb 24, 2005
Her Excellency, Mary Carlin Yates, United States Ambassador to Ghana, paid an informal visit to Ashesi University.  Her visit caused a great deal of excitement on campus, and was largely interpreted by the Ashesi community as a reflection of our institution's growing reputation.  The US Ambassador's visit came on the heels of Ashesi's approval for participation in the prestigious Fulbright Program.  During her visit, the ambassador had the opportunity to speak with students, faculty and administrators at Ashesi University.  She also took a brief tour of campus.  She was accompanied by her husband, John Yates (retired US ambassador), David Queen, Director for Cultural Affairs, and Nii Sarpei Nunoo, Assistant for Cultural Affairs.

Ambassador Mary Yates expressed great admiration for Ashesi's progress to date, and predicted that Ashesi graduates would be in high demand for employment opportunities, not only in corporate Ghana, but also at international development agencies and diplomatic missions operating in Ghana.  She pledged to work with Ashesi University on key issues to promote excellence in education in Ghana.

Tour of campus

Computer Lab



Shotokan Karate Club Begins Training on Campus
Feb 24, 2005
The Ashesi Shotokan Karate Association (ASKA) has started training on campus. The club meets at 4:30 PM every Monday and Thursday at Building 3.  Membership is open to everyone on campus.  Classes are currently taught by the president of university, who holds the rank of 2nd Dan Black Belt with the Washington Shotokan Karate Association (see www.washotokan.com).

Ashesi CS students design "smart" traffic light
February 11, 2005

If you were to ask the Computer Science Class of 2006 what their expectations were for Prof. Anku’s Discrete Mathematics Course, I am sure the last thing they expected to do was design a traffic light to arrest the traffic situation at the nearby Teshie Nungua junction.  But that is exactly what they did!  

Putting their Java and Discrete Mathematics skills to the test, the CS Class of 2006 wrote an algorithm for a “smart” traffic light.  The software they created uses data from motion sensors to determine when traffic is backed up at an intersection and adjusts the timing of lights to best manage to flow of traffic.  It is estimated that the construction and installation of the traffic light system will cost approximately $100,000.  The cost of installation will be covered by advertisers who will be allowed to place advertisements on the scaffolds that house lights.

The class dazzled newsmen and officials at a press conference attended by representatives from Signals and Controllers, Ghana Broadcasting Corporation and other distinguished guests.  The project was publicized in the Daily Graphic and was featured on Kweku Sintim Misa’s new entertainment news show “Thank God it’s Friday!” which airs on Metro TV. The Accra Metropolitan Assembly has expressed serious interest in implementing this ingenious project.  Well done CS Class of 2006!

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