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Media Coverage of Ashesi University

Links to selected articles are listed below. (Some articles require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open; click here to download Acrobat Reader for free.)

Opportunities Never End
By Dyan Machan
June 2005
This article in Forbes explains why Ghana's development portends Africa's future.  Ashesi University is listed as an example of how Ghanaians from the Diaspora are returning home to start "bootstrap" enterprises that represent a new paradigm of "improving [Africa's] economy from the inside."  Click here to read the full Forbes article on Ghana.

A New Beginning in an Ancient Land
By Richard Bangs
February 2005
This article by MSN is part of a series, Heroes of Africa, which chronicles a journey into Africa to discover and celebrate important accomplishments by Africans, in Africa.  Click here to read the segment of the series that describes Ashesi University.

A 'Swarthmore' Grows in Ghana
By Wachira Kigotho
Chronicle of Higher Education
November 5, 2004

The Chronicle of Higher Education featured an article about Ashesi's impact on Higher Education in Ghana. The article outlines how Ashesi stands apart from other universities in Ghana and Africa, highlighting our focus on quality in both teaching and facilities. Click here to read the full Chronicle of Higher education article.

A Vision for Leadership
By David Treadwell
Africa Week
August, 2004

This article featured in the August edition of Africa Week magazine is filled with interviews with Ashesi staff and students. The article describes how Ashesi stands apart from other universities in Ghana and tells how students are reacting to a curriculum that is radically different from what they have experienced at other schools in Africa. Click here to read the full Africa Week article.

Ghanaian Sees Education as Africa's Future
Los Angeles Times
Nov 28, 2003

n Friday, November 28, 2003 the story of Ashesi University was featured in the "World" section of the Los Angeles Times. The article describes President, Patrick Awuah's vision for the university and his goal to educate a new generation of African leaders in Ghana. The article includes quotes from students, advisors and trustees. Click here to read the full Los Angeles Times article.

Tertiary Education in Africa: Ashesi University
By Dumi-Sani Banda
The African Crimson (Harvard African Student Alumni Network newsletter)
Volume 1, Issue 1, Oct 2003
Ashesi was honored to be featured in the inaugural issue of the Harvard African Student Alumni Network's newsletter. This front-page feature article describes Ashesi's academic programs and how we are trying to address some of the challenges that exist in Ghanaian higher education today. Click here to read the full African Crimson article.

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Ghana native left Microsoft to sow seeds of African Ivy League
By Brier Dudley
The Seattle Times
Sep 14, 2003
This feature article traces the genesis of Ashesi and describes some of the highlights of the journey that our founder, Patrick Awuah, has taken to establish our University. The Seattle Times has the largest circulation in the Pacific Northwest. Click here to read the full Seattle Times article

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Black Star: Ghana, Information Technology and Development in Africa
By Gregg Pascal Zachary
Issues in Science and Technology
Jun 2003
A visiting scholar at Columbia University's Center for Science, Policy, and Outcomes, Gregg Zachary discusses the brain drain out of Africa and the difficulties faced by budding IT professionals in a country like Ghana. He weaves in the story of Ashesi and its founder, a "quiet revolutionary" who returned to Ghana after forging a successful career in IT overseas, and suggests ways in which US institutions of higher education can support the "growing computer community" in Africa. "Issues in Science and Technology" is a publication of the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, and the University of Texas Dallas. Click here to read the full Science and Technology article.

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Returning the Gift of Education: Two Berkeley MBA's found a new private university in Africa
By Ros Davidson
Summer 2003
Ashesi founders Patrick Awuah and Nina Marini are featured in this alumni magazine for the Haas School of Business at University of California, Berkeley. Learn how the Haas School supported Ashesi's initial development from an idea to a reality, how Berkeley continues to be involved with our efforts, and what some of our students think of the education they are getting. Click here to read the full Cal Business article.

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