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Semester Schedule

Ashesi's academic calendar is divided into two semesters. Students typically take four semester units per semester. A semester unit (typically 42 classroom contact hours and 14 discussion/lab contact hours) is defined as three (3) hours per week of classroom time and 1 or 1.5 hours of discussion/lab time per week over a period of sixteen weeks.

August (Fall) Semester 2010



Classes begin

Aug. 23rd

End of adding and dropping of courses

Sept. 6th

Mid-Semester break

Oct. 18th –. Fri. 22nd

Classes resume

Oct. 25th

Last day of classes

Dec. 7th


Dec. 8 - 9th

Final exams

Dec. 10th – 17th

Christmas break begins

Dec. 17th


  • Eid al Fitr  (Date to be Determined)

  • Eid al Adha  (Date to be Determined)

  • National Farmers' Day. (3 December)

  • Christmas.(25th – 26th  December)

Jan (Spring) Semester 2011



Classes begin

Jan 17th

Last day of adding or dropping classes

Jan 31st

Mid-Semester Break

March 14th - 18th

Classes resume

March 21st
Last day of classes for Seniors April 21st
Final exams for Seniors April 24th-29th
Last day of classes May 3rd


May 4th - 5th

Final exams

May 6th - 13th

Class of 2010 Graduation

June 4th


  • New Year's Day. (1 January)

  • Independence Day.( 6 March)

  • Good Friday. (22 April)

  • Easter Monday. (25 April)

  • Labour Day. (1 May)

  • Africa Day. (25 May)

  • Republic Day. (1 Jul)

All dates are subject to change

Semester Schedule

Class Schedule for Current Semester

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