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Motivated students & adventurous excursions

Joanna Johnson
Study Abroad, Fall 2004
Home Institution: Western Washington University

Ashesi University is quickly developing a reputation for being both a step ahead and a step away from prevailing methods and institutions of higher education in Ghana. The university's small size coupled with the administration's commitment to maintaining an inquisitive community atmosphere makes Ashesi unique. It is this uniqueness that draws Ashesi's motivated student body; greatly enriching classroom as well as social interactions.

For study abroad students such as myself however scholarship at Ashesi is only part of the experience gained in Ghana. There is after all, life beyond the classroom in the former Gold Coast. Ghana's travel destinations range from the beautiful and relaxing to adventurous excursions. Some of my favorite destinations and memories include: Mole National Park (getting there truly can be half the fun depending on your definition of "fun"), World Bank and IMF representatives at the economic forums, beautiful beaches, the slave forts, rampant lizards, runs in the middle of the night, kenkey and daily pineapple.

As I near the end of my stay however I must admit that the people I met (girls of apartment 3C, I'm talking to you) at Ashesi were the most memorable aspect of my trip. When I embarked on my search for a study abroad program I had only one expectation for my experience: I wanted to gain some level of perspective on the world and maybe even life. And indeed, I feel that I have gained a greater consciousness of the wider world community while in Ghana. What I did not expect when I first touched down in Accra however, was the prospect of enjoying my stay and missing Ghana at the conclusion of the semester. This is where Ashesi University surpassed my expectations and perhaps this should be the measure of a truly successful study abroad experience - having a great time and a memorable visit.

Thanks to all the faculty, staff and students who helped me out, showed me around and made me feel welcome. I wish you all the best.

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