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Students at Ashesi are encouraged to drive the creation of a vibrant on-campus culture. Campus life at Ashesi is what you make of it. An important aspect of the campus culture is the presence of clubs and societies and activities emanating from these institutions. As Ashesi's first generation of students, they have the unique opportunity to form new student organizations, initiate new activities, and establish traditions. Ashesi's goal is to create an environment that enables students to build a strong community.

Clubs & Societies
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Clubs and societies provide avenues for students to develop stronger relationships, test out their ideas, sharpen organizational and communication skills, gain managing and leadership experience and broaden their horizons outside academic life.

Each club and society is committed to upholding Ashesi’s values of scholarship, leadership and citizenship and organizes events that add to the campus culture. Ashesi Business week, the Entrepreneurship Fair, ASC Week and the ARM Pinnacle are all aspects of Ashesi campus life that resonate with past and present students and which originate from the student institutions on campus. Each year students start new clubs which helps to create a more  dynamic campus.

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African Renaissance Movement (ARM)
The ARM is a student movement that offers a platform for young people in the university community to discuss ideas and problems affecting Africa and attempting solutions to them. The movement recognizes that one major bane of Africa is a crisis of leadership. This crisis commences right from the household to the corporate levels of society and cuts across multiple facets of the Ghanaian life. In order to effectively address this, influential leaders and individuals who have excelled in their roles are invited to share their thoughts on how Africa can be developed. This, we believe, is a potent way of tackling Africa’s problems. Over the years the ARM has organized seminars and lectures featuring key individuals such as Professor Atukwei Okai, General Secretary of the Pan-African Writers Association, Chief Momudu Dele, Publisher of Ovation Magazine and Kweku Sintim Missa, CEO of Sapphire  

Ashesi Community Choir
The Ashesi Community Choir is a group of talented students with a passion for music.  It is a secular group not restricted to any music genre thus performs Afro – jazz, a cappella, gospel, traditional, and highlife etc.  Choir membership is diverse, leading to a wide range of musical interests and tastes.  The Choir works to meld different musical styles into new creative arrangements.  The dream of the choir is to have a combination of students and faculty members in it and to have a band with talented instrumentalists to help the choir members produce melodious sounds.

Ashesi Math Club
The Ashesi Math Club was founded in 2006 to help students appreciate and understand the importance of mathematics.  The Ashesi Math Club supports the university’s initiative to help students facing difficulties with mathematics related assignments, class work etc.  Ashesi Math Day is celebrated on February 14 each year.

Ashesi Research and Development Network
The Ashesi Research and Development Network is a research group that was set up in May 2009 by Dr. Esi Ansah. The group seeks to conduct multidisciplinary qualitative and quantitative research. The ultimate goal is to spearhead a movement starting with students, where Africans make deliberate and strategic efforts in using research to find creative and practical solutions to developmental challenges faced by the African continent.  The group looks forward to laying the foundations for a Center of Excellence in Research at Ashesi University College.

Recently, the group visited the future campus of Ashesi University (Berekuso), to conduct a demographic mapping exercise, noting the various characteristics of the community, with the hope of conducting some research in Berekuso.  The group which is currently undergoing Research Methods training from its faculty advisors - Dr. Esi Ansah, Gideon Hosu-Porbley and Andrew Nunekpeku, will be equipped to undertake Ashesi faculty and externally-commissioned research projects. The Network has already generated interest in some international organizations, and is currently discussing research partnerships with the Opportunities Without Borders Network, based in Colorado State University, and with Regis University in the USA.

Membership in the research network is open to students, alumni and faculty. It will seek to collaborate with counterparts in Ghana and Africa at large. Currently, there are about 45 members with diverse interests and backgrounds and from all the year groups and all the three majors. All inquiries regarding the Ashesi R&D Network should be directed to Prince Acquaye, who currently serves as the Coordinator for the group.

Ashesi Shotokan Karate Club
Ashesi Shotokan Karate Club meets at 4:30 pm every Monday and Wednesday.  Classes are taught by Sensei Patrick Awuah, who holds a 2nd Dan Black Belt from the Washington Shotokan Association.  Patrick Awuah started his karate training in college under the International Shotokan Karate Federation (ISKF) headquartered in Philadelphia.  Upon moving to the Seattle area in 1989, Patrick Awuah joined the Washington Shotokan where he studied under Sensei Andre Dulce (6th Dan Black Belt).  Patrick Awuah also studied for two years under the supervision of Sensei Mohammed Ali Sharifi (7th Dan Black Belt).

Membership is open to all members of the Ashesi Community, including students, faculty, administrators and alumni.  Members are required to commit to consistent training.  Members who miss more than 4 classes during a semester of 4 months are automatically deregistered from the club.  Exceptions are made for absences caused by health problems.

“Karate-do” means “empty hand way”. It is a system self-defense that does not use weapons, and that emphasizes the development of body and character.

“Karate dates back over a thousand years to China, beginning as a form of physical exercise and endurance training. Gichin Funakoshi, the master of karate, brought the art to Japan and Okinawa in 1922 where his skilled demonstrations impressed those who watched. In 1936 Master Funakoshi established the Shotokan. Master Funakoshi introduced karate to America and formed the Japan Karate Association (JKA) in 1955. He served as the chief instructor for two years until his death in 1957, at the age of eighty-eight. Since then, karate has flourished as a competitive sport as well as a means for physical fitness, self-discipline and defense.” (http://www.washotokan.com)

Ashesi Student Council ( ASC)
Ashesi University College, though it emphasizes scholarship, leadership, and citizenship, also realizes the need for a campus community where each student joins in the effort to establish a communicating, learning and ethical environment. To help achieve this, a council was set up to act as a liaison between the entire student body and the university administration. The Ashesi Student Council (ASC) provides this channel.  Positioned as a communication bridge between students and administration, the council’s principal aim is to ensure that the chain which binds students together in ethical behaviour is not broken but instead strengthened. With its motto “to serve and protect”, the ASC does a great deal to ensure that students do not forget that they have a responsibility as future leaders being nurtured to bring about change in this part of the world.

In addition, the ASC also helps the administration make decisions that would propel the development of the student body. The activities of the ASC include edutainment, student welfare programmes, sports, and campus clubs. The composition of the ASC includes the entire student body, the ASC executives and the Judicial Executive Committee. The JEC ensures that students comply with the regulations of the institution.

Entrepreneurs Club
This club was formed to serve as a platform for students with an entrepreneurial drive to explore their interests and join a network of other likeminded individuals determined to make an impact in their country.  The club’s motto is ‘Honors and Business’ in accordance with the club’s aim of helping students not only to succeed entrepreneurially but also academically.  The club seeks to bring out ‘ethical entrepreneurial leaders’ in accordance to Ashesi’s motto of Scholarship, Leadership and Citizenship.  The club organizes several activities such as brainstorming sessions, debates, presentations and seminars with entrepreneurs in various fields.  These activities promote interaction between members and as a source of inspiration between these up and coming entrepreneurs.

Extra Curricular Society
The Extra Curricular Society is a society with a vision to make learning outside the classroom meaningful and fun.  It intends to encourage students to take initiative and be creative while adhering to Ashesi’s pillars of Scholarship, Leadership and Citizenship.  The overall objective is for students to explore what is going on around them outside academic walls through individual creativity, travelling, visiting places and reporting back to the Ashesi Community with their experiences to impact it in a positive way.

International Students Club
The International Students Club is an association of students from outside Ghana who are enrolled at Ashesi.  It was started in 2007 by two students who are now alumni.  The club has a membership of about 20 students from over ten countries.  The club aims at fostering unity among people of different cultures through educating and providing information to its members about Ghana through tours and other activities.  The International Students Club organized a maiden international students night replete with country and cultural presentations, food, drama and a fashion show.

Kingdom Christian Fellowship (KCF)
The Kingdom Christian Fellowship is a Christian organisation in Ashesi. Founded on the very principles emphasized in the New Testament of the Holy Bible, the Kingdom Christian Fellowship serves as a platform where christains in Ashesi meet to have fellowship. With prayer meetings and and Bible Study held every week students are able to learn more about God and how he desires that they live successfully everyday of their lives.

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)
The National Society of Black Engineers aspires to increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact their communities.  The NSBE encourages members to seek advanced degrees in engineering or related fields, promotes public awareness of engineering and the opportunities for Blacks in that profession and functions as a representative body on issues and developments that affect the careers of Black engineers.

Rotaract Club
The Rotaract Club of Ashesi aims at helping its members to develop professional and leadership skills, emphasize respect for others based on the recognition of the worth of each individual while developing knowledge and understanding the needs, problems and opportunities in their communities and worldwide.  The Rotaract Club provides its members with opportunities for personal and group activities to serve their communities and promote international understanding and goodwill to all people.  The Rotaract Club of Ashesi is sponsored by Rotary Club of Accra West.

Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE)
SIFE is a group that believes in team spirit and creativity in the pursuit of developing local solutions to local problems through the encouragement of collective and responsible entrepreneurship.  SIFE – Ashesi dwells keenly on Ashesi’s pillars of Scholarship, Leadership and Citizenship to serve as the backbones to aid it in the realization of its goals.  SIFE – Ashesi aspires to create a platform for members to discover, polish and actualize their entrepreneurial skills for post tertiary institution ventures.

The Art Factory (The Factory)
The Art Factory aspires to create awareness about Ghanaian indigenous culture through drama, dance, poetry, choreography and other forms of creative art.  It aims at providing a platform for students and staff of Ashesi so break away from the hustle and bustle of school work and come enjoy and learn through creative arts about their culture and themselves.

Women of Ashesi
The Women of Ashesi (W.O.A) is a group set up to bring together all female members of the Ashesi Community – students, alumni, faculty and staff- together.  The W.O.A serves as a platform where women are made aware of the choices they make and can develop skills such as confidence, presentation skills and business etiquette.  The W.O.A seeks to: create an atmosphere where the community spirit in Ashesi continues while developing intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically; develop women who will make a difference in their immediate society and beyond; strengthen the bond between members through seminars, excursions, sporting events etc and educate members on how to develop themselves to become a wholly successful woman.

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