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Career Centre
Ashesi University is an institution that seeks to achieve excellence in every one of its endeavours. Although education is its number one objective, the university has provided a very resourceful Career Centre to help in preparing students for the rigors of the working world which they would soon have to face. The Career Services Centre caters to the full range of student needs in the areas of career choice and job placement.
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Writing Centre
The importance of the written word cannot be over-emphasized. It is of critical importance both in academic circles and later on in life, when students enter the working world. Research work, projects, theses and several other academic exploits are, more often than not, are preserved in writing. For this reason, Ashesi University has found it necessary to establish a Writing Centre to assist students in improving their writing skills in every regard.
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Math Resource Centre
Mathematics is an essential part of everyday life that can hardly be done away with. As individuals we make innumerable calculations every minute of our lives. Mathematics is also an essential part of university education. In Ashesi, we realize that students sometimes have genuine problems with Math that cannot always be fully addressed in class. Some students also would want to try out more math problems to increase their competence in particular topics. The Math Resource Centre was therefore established to assist students with these needs and to improve upon their Mathematics skills. With a current staff of about 8 people, most of whom are students, the centre runs for at least 2 hours every working day and for 3 hours on Saturdays. The centre's schedule has been tailored to suit the timetable of a wide range of students and also to give every student the opportunity to patronize this beneficial facility.

The Programming Resource Center
The programming resource center is an important feature of the computer science department. Many students face a significant challenge with programming. These challenges may be real or imagined (strangely enough). The programming resource center comes to the rescue. It is manned by experienced students who help other students by taking their time to explain various programming concepts. They will surely not do homework for anyone, but will spend enough time with one who needs help to explain the basics. Confidence is built and mental barriers are brought down.
It has worked well for students who have visited the center, and many have come to find that programming is not as difficult as some would have you believe. Indeed, it is a just a way of thinking logically and the programming resource center helps students develop this ability without the pressure of a classroom situation.

Ashesi students are being adequately trained to be outstanding in every working environment in which they find themselves. They are expected to be time conscious, responsible and should be able to multi-task. The university therefore provides students with the opportunity to work whilst still in school. This provides a good opportunity for students to appreciate the concept of work in a more familiar setting before immersing themselves in the outside world. Through the work-study program, which is supervised by a student work-study coordinator, students acquire valuable skills that contribute to them becoming more responsible adults. Students are allowed to work a maximum of 10 hours a week when school is in session but can do more during breaks or holidays. This also gives students the chance to make some money for themselves while still in school. Work study students are paid by the hour.
Under the work study programme, students can work in the following areas:     

  • Computer Laboratory
  • Reception
  • Library
  • Math Resource Centre
  • Writing Centre   
  • Development Office
  • Admissions Office
  • Career Centre

Campus IT
Information Technology Services provide central data communication and networking services to the Ashesi community. Our mission is to ensure that faculty, staff, and students can take maximum advantage of the Ashesi University network and make use of the latest networking technologies in furthering the University's leadership training and instructional goals.
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Student Housing
http://www.ashesi.org/CAMPUS_LIFE/group_work_sm.jpgAshesi University provides housing options as part of the university's efforts to enhance the educational experience of its students. By increasing opportunities for teamwork, enabling closer friendships and serving as a microcosm of a well-ordered community, dormitory life serves as an important venue for each student's personal growth.
To provide a positive living experience for Ashesi students, the university operates four hostels and provides information of other housing options for students who wish to live non- Ashesi housing. Ashesi has four hostels housing over 150 students.
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Given the strenuous academic life, students find solace in the three eating areas situated on the three main campuses. Food is an essential part of the human life cycle. A healthy meal ensures a healthy body and a healthy mind; the quality of food we eat, therefore, greatly affects our physique. In Ashesi, there is a food vendor in each of our three buildings on campus, with an additional vendor in the hostel at Danquah Circle. The kitchens of our food vendors are well supervised and inspected regularly to ensure that quality food is served to students and staff at the most competitive prices. The canteens provide a variety of local and continental dishes, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages and serve the community from 8am to 5pm.

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