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We believe that long-term, sustainable progress in Africa can only be achieved with the commitment of skilled, empowered, and caring African people. Ashesi graduates are turning hard work into personal and regional success. An astonishing 97% have chosen to stay in Africa to launch careers in areas from banking to non-profit management.

The success of each Ashesi graduate is the seed of a broader success for the region.  They are using their new skills and new confidence to help others and to address the diverse challenges in their communities. We seek to begin a movement in Africa to create a new kind of higher education which develops the skills and attitudes young people need to be effective leaders of change. Here are just a few of the ways Ashesi is making an impact:

Raising the bar for higher education. Today, Ashesi University is considered the vanguard for liberal arts higher education in Ghana.  Ashesi is setting a high standard that other universities strive to emulate.  Ghana's National Accreditation Board has actively encouraged other institutions to adopt the liberal arts approach to education.  Following Ashesi's lead, a second private university has introduced a student honour code on their campus.

Reversing the brain drain.  Ashesi University has the right environment and the right incentives to encourage the best and brightest to stay in Ghana.  Ghana's best students have to join us instead of seeking opportunities abroad.  Ghanaian professionals and academics that left the country are returning to contribute and teach at Ashesi.

Developing local solutions to African issues.  Ashesi students and faculty are engaging some of society's toughest challenges and developing innovative solutions that can be implemented locally and for the long term.  To read more about how Ashesi students are working with the environment and women's empowerment click these links.

Providing unprecedented opportunity to poor families. The education students receive at Ashesi will profoundly change the lives of those from Ghana's rural and urban poor.  By providing scholarships to students who show drive and academic ability, Ashesi is making a high quality university education available to those who would otherwise not have such an opportunity.

Ashesi Entrepreneurs

Read about some of Ashesi's rising entrepreneurs and the businesses and products they are developing upon graduation.

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Agents of Change

Ashesi students are choosing to take the lead on several critical issues affecting communities in Africa.  Read about some of the projects that Ashesi students are spearheading to improve the lives of others.

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