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Your support can make a difference in many areas of Ashesi's mission.  We have identified a few areas as especially important for the university, and we welcome your donations towards these priorities.

(1) The campaign for a permanent home


Ashesi’s new campus, based on traditional architecture, features a series of courtyards interconnected with a landscape of trees, benches and stairs, creating natural spaces for meeting and group study.

Featuring state-of-the-art educational technology and environmentally conscious designs, this groundbreaking campus in West Africa will help us attract top faculty, students and administrators, and will strengthen Ashesi's commitment to fostering community whose ethos will inspire a new generation of ethical entrepreneurial leaders in Africa.  We are looking for forward thinking individuals and organizations to help us complete the first phase of our campaign and move to our permanent home.

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(2) Financial Aid

Ashesi is committed to seeking out the best students, no mater where they come from.  A diverse student body results in a broad impact.  Roughly half of all Ashesi students would not be able to attend without financial support.

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(3) Academic Life

Our cutting edge programs in business management, computer science and management information systems are based on a liberal arts core, and stress adapting technology to African challenges and opportunities.

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(4) Annual Fund

From community service to corporate internships; from teaching to research; from leadership seminars to on-campus events, the Ashesi experience is a broad and enriching one.  The annual fund supports a wide set of needs.

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