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Imagine if every Sub-Saharan African country had several small liberal-arts colleges, educating students at a level equivalent to liberal-arts colleges in the United States - colleges dedicated to nurturing critical thinking, effective communication skills, practical experience, and a true concern for society in their students. Such a development in Africa would make a tremendous positive impact on the continent. This is our vision.

The one characteristic that defines Ashesi students most strongly is leadership potential, as determined by strong academic performance, strong communication skills, a sense of purpose, and involvement in extracurricular activities. Ashesi's student body consists primarily of Ghanaians, but will become increasingly international over time. Students will be attracted from other African countries, and exchange programs will be initiated with schools on other continents.

Teaching Philosophy
Ashesi is primarily a teaching school, emphasizing practical application of theoretical knowledge, working through case studies, and undertaking projects for companies. Teachers' performance is measured by how well they embody the three core principles of Ashesi: scholarship, leadership, and citizenship. They are evaluated on the basis of their performance in the classroom, their contribution to their profession, and their role in pursuing development in Ghana and Africa. This is measured by their involvement with public policy agencies (such as policy think tanks and advisory councils to the Ghanaian government) and international development agencies.

Ashesi seeks to foster a community in which students of different ethnicity and gender interact equally with each other, discover their similarities, and learn to respect their differences. Ashesi University provides housing options as part of its efforts to enhance the educational experience of its students. By increasing opportunities for teamwork, enabling closer friendships and serving as a microcosm of a well-ordered community, dormitory life serves as an important venue for each student's personal growth.

Ashesi takes advantage of new technologies to enhance communication and to make greater educational opportunities available to its students. All students are required to develop computer literacy and are introduced to basic computer programming. Our campus network enables efficient on-campus communications and numerous team projects. As new technologies develop, we will remain committed to exploring and optimizing use of such options to further strengthen the Ashesi educational experience.

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