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Class Notes...                                                  by Oboshie Cofie-Squire and Sarah Mills

05 It’s been a great year for Abdul-Latif Issahaku; he was promoted to Roaming and Business Systems manager at MTN Ghana, a position in which he has successfully deployed projects worth millions of dollars. But this year’s real “success” was the arrival of his beautiful daughter, Daaima. Daaima means let’s love one another. “Nothing excites me more than my daughter. She makes it all worth it” Abdul-Latif says.

06 “But more than anything, it’s Publicis’ quest to reclaim Africa’s birthright as a creative force that drives me right now”, says Obinna Chuku. Obinna works as regional copywriter with Publicis Ghana. He says life in the creative industry is like living in a pressure cooker--It’s all deadlines and more deadlines. According to Obinna, “Ashesi prepared me for this life. The incredible work ethic I have now, I developed during my time at Ashesi—all the smart work paid off.”

07 Kabuki Boeh-Ocansey loves the nature of her job. “I love that I can plan my own schedule and develop strategies to meet corporate goals.” Kabuki works as administrator and student Counsellor at Middlesex University’s Ghana office. “I’m a leader—I see it in my interactions with clients and in the management of my small office.” Kabuki who has represented her company at international conferences in Dubai and London says she loves the opportunities her job offers her. “It’s noble—just like Ashesi, I’m helping empower people by enabling them receive education from a great university.”

08 Anida Acquah, this year, together with the Admissions team brought in Ashesi’s largest and most diverse class, 2013.  Anida says her job comes easy to her because she’s always interacted with different people and that’s exactly what she does in her current position. What motivates Anida? She says, “I’ve experienced what the right kind of education can do to a person. I want to help bring this experience of Ashesi to others who can thrive from it.”  She looks forward to another exciting Admissions season and is hopeful there will be a more competitive pool this time round.

09 Kofi Manful graduated Magna cum laude and works as an analyst programmer with Unibank Ghana’s Business Intelligence Unit. “My job, mainly, is to automate the bank’s manual processes so we can increase productivity”. Kofi, aside working with the bank, is involved in a number of community service projects.

“I care about people; so giving back to society in ways I can afford comes naturally to me.  Kwei Quaye-Foli works as a programmer with Unibank Ghana and doubles as lead developer for Sci-Fi Web Services, see www.sci-fiwebservices.com.  Kwei says, “Ashesi taught me a lot about hard work and seeing things through; both of which are important skills to have”.

Alumni Charles ’08 and Yawa Hansen-Quao ’07, Patrick Quantson ’05, Nii Amon Dsane ’05, Derrydean Dadzie ’06, Emi-beth Amable ’07, Klaus Keku ’07 and Joseph Hinneh ’07, climbed Ghana’s highest peak, Afadjato on September 12, this year. 

Mt. Afadjato standing at 2,905 feet and is located in the Agumatsa range near the villages of Liati Wote and Gbledi, in the Volta region. The name of the mountain comes from the Ewe word Avadzeto which means "at war with bush". In the slopes of the mountain is a plant which causes severe skin irritation—farmers and hunters who had to battle the plant to climb the mountain described their experience as “being at war” with this plant.

According to Joseph Hinneh, “the experience of climbing the mountain reinforced a basic truth about life; never stop till you have reached your goal. It’s amazing how the tough experiences teach us the things we already know”, he adds, smiling.


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