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Ashesi alumni and leadership address audience in Seattle
Sep, 2010

On Thursday, September 23rd, Ashesi leaders and graduates spoke with more than 230 community members in Seattle about innovation, education, and leadership in Africa.  The event, hosted by the World Affairs Council, highlighted the importance of building the capacity of local leadership in Africa. 

Speaking at the event were former World Bank Manager and Ashesi Board Chair, Peter Woicke, Ashesi President, Patrick Awuah, Ashesi alumna and Regional Credit Risk Manager for Accion International, Aba Ackun, and Ashesi alumna and Chief Operations Officer of Village of Hope, Araba Amuasi.  In addition, a special video was prepared by Bill Gates about the work the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is doing to support higher education for Africans working in the field of agriculture.

The webcast of this World Affairs Council event can now be viewed online. This is a great opportunity to hear directly from Ashesi graduates about their experiences and the impact they are having in Africa. Watch the webcast.


If you missed the Op-Ed piece written by Ashesi Board Chair, Peter Woicke, featured in the Seattle Times, visit: Homegrown leadership is key to development in sub-Saharan Africa.

Please take a look and pass it on!

Hip-life originator Reggie Rockstone interacts with Ashesi students
, 2010

On the 28th of September, 2010, Ghanaian hip-life auteur Reggie Ossei who is also universally known by the moniker Reggie Rockstone engaged students of Ashesi in a seminar which formed part of their “Africa in the International Setting” course. Reggie Rockstone provided compelling insights on the linkages between the creative arts, culture and African transformation in a globalized world. Tracing hip-life’s emergence from hip-hop, he argued that this new Ghanaian art form reflected the creative impulses of the Africa’s young people.  He stated that hip-life had tremendous economic and informational potential if properly harnessed and developed.


The interaction was animated from the start to the finish as students asked penetrating questions and offered comments touching on the global appeal of hip-life  as well as its aesthetic and philosophical underpinnings. Prior to the seminar students had watched the documentary, “Living the HipLife” which attempts to document the evolution of this uniquely Ghanaian art form, the creative impulses that power it, as well as its political, economic and cultural impact. The documentary was directed by Jesse Weaver Shipley an American filmmaker, artist, and scholar who is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Haverford College. Reggie Rockstone has recently released a new album “Reggiestration” and is regularly on the speaking circuit around the world as the much sought after lead spokesman of hip-life.        

President Carter meets with Ashesi leadership
, 2010

On August 23rd, 2010, President Jimmy Carter, the 39th President of the United States and Nobel Prize winner, met with Ashesi Founder, Patrick Awuah; Ashesi Board Member, Todd Warren; and Ashesi Capital Campaign Chair, Ruth Warren, to talk about Ashesi University College and its potential impact in Africa.

President Carter expressed hope for the work that Ashesi is doing, especially our focus on honour and integrity, and preparing the next generation of Africans to aim for greatness in the world.  “I like Ashesi’s innovative approach. The college has reached a new level of achievement and excellence, and is well received…a success. Ashesi is an example for the rest of Africa. Ashesi is also filling a vacuum.  Like the Carter Center, you are addressing a need that no one else is focused on.”

President Carter hoped that Ashesi’s leadership would find ways to replicate our ideas throughout Africa.  In order to achieve this goal, President Carter urged Ashesi to look for partnerships with other institutions and individuals as a means to achieve leverage and scale, and to not be afraid of failure in any potential new partnerships or ventures

Ashesi’s leadership got the opportunity to hear from President Carter about the Carter Center’s approach to “Waging Peace, Fighting Disease and Building Hope”. President Carter has a strong knowledge of Ghana and Africa. The Carter Center helped monitor Ghanaian elections, has advocated for transparency of government information throughout Africa, and has undertaken several health initiatives in Ghana, as well as in other African countries. Thanks to The Carter Center’s singular drive, Ghana and the world are almost free of Guinea Worm, a disease that has plagued many of the world’s poorest people.  Also thanks to the center’s work, many conflicts have been avoided, and the march of democracy strengthened across the world. 

It was a real honour to meet, to learn from, and to be inspired by such an accomplished and compassionate person as President Jimmy Carter. 

Ashesi welcomes class of 2014
, 2010

On August 23rd Ashesi welcomed 142 members of the Class of 2014 to campus for the beginning of orientation week.  The 2014 Class is a diverse group with international students from Nigeria, Benin, Togo, USA and Cameroon.  The number of senior secondary schools represented among this incoming class is also diverse with graduates from 66 different schools.  Through our financial aid program, nearly $150,000 in grants was given out this year to the freshman class, with an average of $3,486 of aid awarded per financial aid recipient. Of those students awarded financial aid, 44% were women.

During orientation members of the Class of 2014 attended interactive workshops on the university's academic policies, took courses on basic computer use, listened to presentations by members of student government, and simply took time to meet and talk with one another.  For the second year in a row, incoming freshman also participated in a seminar entitled "Mind set."  The seminar, which draws on the academic work of Dr. Carol Dweck, emphasizes the importance of having a positive outlook and working hard in order to increase academic performance.

On opening day President Awuah welcomed the Class of 2014 and spoke about Ashesi’s commitment to educating a new generation of ethical leaders for Africa. He emphasized the importance of maintaining a culture of honesty and integrity on campus.

Rural girls’ empowerment at Ashesi! 
, 2010

College for Ama (CofA) is a non-profit fostering the higher educational achievement of economically deprived rural girls.  Its multi-dimensional programme teaches academic, behavior, health, and creative arts skills. Empowerment through vision building is a key component. The programme stresses the importance of education, one CofA girl stated “before CofA I planned to quit school, but now I know education is key to life.”

July 29th through August 9th, 2010, CofA held its fourth training camp at the Ashesi University College. This year twenty six returning CofA girls from the Central and Western Regions prepared for their BECE (Basic Education Certificate) examination. For nine days the programme focused heavily on Junior High School level Mathematics and English. Community and student volunteers taught additional classes on nutrition, sexual education, computer science, creative arts and self-esteem.  Public speaking, peer mentorship, and group work incorporated leadership development into the classes. At the end of the programme CofA held a ceremony to thank all its major funders, volunteers, and to showcase the girls.

CofA is extremely grateful to the Ashesi and the Ashesi student volunteers. The University donated the use of its hostel, classrooms and bus, supporting 70% of CofA’s costs.  Nine Ashesi University students volunteered their time to chaperone, mentor, assist teachers, and help with homework. Additionally, CofA is grateful to Marquis Tanta Marie Restaurant for providing delicious free lunches. Without both these forms of support CoFA’s programme would not be possible. To find out more about CofA, look at our website: http://www.CofA-foundation.org/

Faculty and staff tour new Ashesi home
Aug, 2010

On August 10th, faculty and staff members boarded the Ashesi bus, slipped on their hard hats, and took a tour of their new academic home.  Perched on a majestic hillside overlooking Berekuso, the future campus commands a sweeping view of the verdant valley below.  The new buildings are rising from their foundations at a brisk pace.  The "academic tourists" were impressed with the spacious student housing, the tiered lecture halls, the open-air forum, and the towering library.  Pictured below is the Founders Court with classroom building on the right, the library centre, and the administration building centre left.  Click here for a slide show of the visit.

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