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Computer Science        Research Interests


Dr. Nathan Amanquah
Assistant Professor
  • Management of quality of service in short range mobile ad hoc networks using middleware techniques
  • Ambient networks

Selected Publications

Dr. Suzanne Buchele
Fulbright Scholar & Acting Dean of Academic Affairs
  • One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) and issues of technology and education
  • Solid modeling and computer graphics
  • Scientific computation

Selected Publications

Aelaf Dafla
  • Computer based instrumentation
  • Embedded systems
  • Reconfigurable hardware


Astrid Twenebowa Larssen
Assistant Professor
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Philosophy of the body
  • Practice-based research and research methods
  • Interdisciplinary teaching and experiential learning
  • Other interests and activities:
    Program committee, Conference on Tangible and Embedded Interaction (TEI); Co-editor, Special issue of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing on Movement-based interaction (Springer Verlag)

Selected Publications

Kwadwo Gyamfi

  • Systems, Software and Architecture: software systems, operating systems, database systems, digital systems, computer architecture, programming languages
  • Theory: programming languages, complexity theory, [applied] algorithms




Arts & Sciences        Research Interests


Dr. Nana Araba Apt
Dean of Academic Affairs
(On Leave)
  • Ageing and old age
  • The family as a support system
  • Gender and gender roles
  • Other interests and awards:
    In 1999, Prof Apt received an Award of Recognition from the United Nations Secretary General for her research and advocacy work on ageing in Africa. She is a Board Member of HelpAge International and President of the African Gerontological Society. She was also a member of the United Nations Expert Group responsible for drafting the document for the World Assembly on Ageing.
Mark Poynter
  • International relations and currents affairs, particularly past events of the Cold War and the current developments shaping today’s New World order
  • Marxist arguments relating to social and cultural hegemony
  • The politics of realism in determining the events of global power
  • The ideas of Leo Strauss and the rise of the Neo-Conservatives
  • Ongoing research for teaching comparative politics
Business Administration        Research Interests


Dr. Esi E. Ansah
Assistant Professor
  • Human resource development - focus on frontline employees
  • Building the image of the public sector through personnel training and development and performance management
  • Global south-south learning exchanges in public management (best practices)
  • The crucial role of Research and Development in African development
  • Social entrepreneurship and socially responsible initiatives in African development
Kofi Bentil
  • Critical survival issues for small and medium companies (SMEs), including business strategy and marketing
  • Service marketing challenges and strategies
  • Business strategy and marketing for financial institutions
  • Entrepreneurship development an large scale project management issues in Ghana
  • Emerging thoughts in management science
  • Awards:
    World Bank and affiliates, Entrepreneurship Development Program, (Ghana Development Marketplace); World Bank, GDM Award for Entrepreneurship (100 million) to set up a company.

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