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  • "Breaking the Myth: an interactive information portal for Sickle Cell awareness" by Obinna Atu-Kwamena Chuku
    Dissertation submitted to the Department of Computer Science, 2006
    Abstract: This dissertation discusses how the customization of information can be used to enhance general public awareness.  Using Sickle Cell as a case study, it focuses on designing a system that will enhance current methods of education about the disease in order to make it more accessible to a larger group of people. It elaborates on the rational behind the system, the system design and the technologies used. The dissertation concludes by discussing further work that can be carried out as an extension to this system.

  • "Payroll Systems: Strengthening Time Logging security in payroll"
    by Voke Ransom Anighoro

    Dissertation submitted to the Department of Computer Science, 2006
    Abstract: This project involves the planning, designing, implementing and testing of a time logging module of a payroll system using biometrics as a secured form of identification. This project seeks to tighten the security at the time logging stages of the payroll system thus proving that effective time logging in payroll can result in effective productivity forecast and also proper financial management. This project seeks to fully tighten the security involved in the time logging process of payroll by designing a totally fool proof time logging module which proves against all odds that time can be effectively logged thus improving the effectiveness of the payroll system

    The fundamental architecture of this system consists of a biometric fingerprint scanner hardware interfaced with the biometric payroll application which communicates with a database that holds fingerprint templates of authorized users for secured verification and authentication purposes. Communication between the biometric fingerprint scanner and the biometric payroll application is done via USB and instructions sent by the fingerprint scanner will be interpreted by the SDK and converted into useful functions which the payroll application understands. On another level there is the Administration application which performs administrative functions, interfaces with the same database as the biometric payroll application and generates useful reports for decision makers or HRM persons in the company.

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