Network Security Policies


Where possible we have automated tools to help us monitor and ensure that network and computer resources provided by Ashesi University are properly used and taken care of.

Working securely

Do not let someone else use your login id or use another person’s login id to access any system or to send e-mails.

Do not write down your password. If you believe someone else knows your password please change it immediately. Do not give your password to anyone else.

When creating your password, do not use your name and words found in dictionaries, but where possible use a combination of letters, upper and lower case and/or special characters.

Do not leave your computer unattended please log out of lab PCs when leaving the lab.

Do not reply to unsolicited e-mail (spam).

Do not copy software or Data belonging to Ashesi University unless this has been approved.

You may only download, install or use software that the IT office has approved in advance.

Do not install, link or attach any equipment to infrastructure unless this have been specifically approved by the IT office.

You may only access, copy, amend or delete any information that you are authorized to use.

Inform the IT manager if you need any change in access to any Ashesi University IT systems.

Appropriate use of the internet and computer labs

  • Do not download any pornographic, obscene or offensive materials.
  • Do not play interactive or online games or visit gambling sites.
  • Do not log on to any PC and leave it idle for more than 10 minutes.
  • Students, who need to use Lab or Library PCs for any academic work, have priority over others who only want to surf the internet.
  • Do not unplug any power cable or UTP cable, if you have no authorization from the IT office.
  • Do not unplug network, VGA, power cables or any other cable in any of the labs or in any office.
  • Do not send food or drinks to the labs or to the Library.

The following scenarios are provided to give you examples, on what is acceptable and unacceptable at Ashesi University, regarding the use of computer and network resources provided by the university.


  • While using a friends PC, you connect to Ashesi webmail to check your e-mail. After logging in, you did not ask the browser to remember your username and/or password. When you finished, you logged off from your account and then close the browser window you used.
  • You use a shared computer in a Library, computer lab, or departmental office that you are authorized to use.
  • You seek authorization to use computers, sound systems and other resources in the classroom. When activity is unrelated to teaching.


• While in school, you want to check your mail, but all the labs seem busy. So you approach a colleague and give him/her your username and password so they can connect to you to your webmail, allowing you to check your mail.

• While out of school, you ask a colleague to check your email for you by giving them your password.

• A colleague logs on to a machine, you walk into the lab wanting to print. Rather than logging on to a different machine, you choose to use their printing account instead of yours.

• While out of school, your password expires, then you call a friend on campus, giving them your old password and instructing them to change your password for you.

• You send out unauthorized and unsolicited email messages to Ashesi community.

• As an employee at Ashesi University, you store your music, movies or unauthorized software on Ashesi’s resources (either on your workstation or on your s-drive).

• Students are not allowed to use computers in any of the staff or faculty offices, except those doing work study at the various departments.

• Displaying a videotape in a classroom, or using computers or sound system in the classrooms for entertainment or for cultural or intellectual values unrelated to teaching activity.

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