Collaborative partnerships have always played an important role at Ashesi.

  • The university's business plan was devised through a partnership with the Clausen Center at the University of California, Berkeley;
  • our curriculum was designed in collaboration with faculty at Swarthmore College, University of California at Berkeley, and University of Washington;
  • a robotics course was developed in collaboration with faculty and graduate students at Carnegie Mellon University;
  • an international study abroad program was created in collaboration with New York University;
  • an African dance and music course was created in collaboration with the Noyam Institute in Accra;
  • The Fulbright program has afforded us the privilege of working with visiting faculty from the US to strengthen and plan the expansion of academic life at Ashesi.

As Ashesi grows, we expect these local and international interactions to play an even greater role in the Ashesi experience.