Strategic Plan

Ashesi is currently executing the final phase of its first strategic plan which was developed in 2000 prior to the start of classes in 2002.

Key goals of first strategic plan:

  1. The Ashesi Education
    Establish Ghana’s first university built on the model of the Liberal Arts & Sciences, offering majors in technology and business. Demonstrate the power of Ashesi’s educational model by achieving a strong career placement record for Ashesi graduates. Ninety percent (90%) of each graduating class must be placed in good jobs or graduate schools within six (6) months of graduation.

  2. Establish a fully residential campus
    Develop a campus where students from different backgrounds live and learn together. Create a space where future leaders of Africa will come to be nurtured and inspired.

  3. Grow to a student population of 400 students
    The University’s business plan calls for a minimum of 400 students in order to achieve operating sustainability.

  4. Foster a diverse student body
    Fifty percent (50%) of Ashesi students should be women and at least ten percent (10%) should be supported by financial aid.

  5. Nurture a strong spirit of ethics and purpose among the students, faculty and staff
    Ashesi must model the Africa we want to see. It must be a community that values scholarship, leadership and citizenship in equal measure; where ethical behaviour and civic engagement are ways of life; and where the purpose of an African renaissance is embraced.

  6. Achieve financial operating sustainability
    Build a financially sustainable institution that will stand the test of time.

  7. Raise $15,000,000 in philanthropic funding to support the strategic goals listed above
    Raise philanthropic funds needed to implement a strong financial aid programme; a fully residential campus; startup capital expenses such as library collections and information technology; and startup operating expenses prior to operating sustainability.


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