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Dear Parent,

Ashesi appreciates your commitment to giving your child a quality education by sending them to our institution. Making the transition from high school to university life can be overwhelming. However, with your support we can work together to make sure your child has an amazing experience at Ashesi. Because of the critical role you have in partnering with us to make sure your child is successful, we have created this list of frequently asked questions to keep you abreast of the latest news regarding your child.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  1. My student needs help with classes. What resources are available? There are many resources at the university to help students who are struggling academically. Ashesi has a Math Support Center and an English Writing center to help strengthen a student’s competency in Math, English, writing and research. Also, most classes have a faculty intern assigned to the course who can provide additional support. The first step is for your child to inform the lecturer and the Dean of Academics so that they can assess the situation appropriately and determine the next steps.
  2. I want to send my child to Ashesi but I cannot afford to pay the full tuition fees. Do you offer financial aid? Yes. Since we began operations, Ashesi has distributed more than $2 million dollars in financial aid to brilliant but needy students and approximately 40% of our student body is on financial aid. Your child may apply for financial aid by completing a financial application form as part of the admissions process. Parents will be required to submit bank statements and payroll stubs to help verify the financial need. Financial aid at Ashesi consists of grants that students do not have to repay. Please contact the admissions office for more details.
  3. My student looks very stressed out and emotionally unstable. What should I do? As your child makes the transition from high school to university life, it is normal to experience some stress. However, if you are concerned that your child’s behavior is not normal or appears unstable, please contact the Dean of Student Affairs. The Dean will arrange to meet with your child and determine if external intervention is necessary.
  4. Can my child earn money by working on campus? The university has work study programs that provide students with the opportunity to earn pocket money from working 10 or less hours per week. Work study opportunities are available each year in the Admissions office, IT, the Library, the Health department, Career Services and Student Affairs. Contact the Career Services Center for more information.
  5. How do I find out how my child is doing academically? Although the university does not send out academic reports to parents, you can contact the Assistant Registrar at any time to get an unofficial report of the courses your child is registered for including grades, where finalized. Your child also has access to his/her records electronically through our online student management system called FOCUS. The system can be accessed from off campus which means your child can logon to the system with you and show you their grades.
  6. My child will be late returning to school at the beginning of the semester. What are the implications? If a student comes late from vacation by two weeks or more after the semester has started without any adequate medical reason, then the student will be required to withdraw from the semester and resume in the following semester. If a student comes late from vacation by two weeks or more after the semester has started because of medical reason, then the student will be advised to withdraw from the semester or the student will be assigned incomplete for any academic work he/she has missed. If the student is given incomplete, he/she has to complete any pending work within the first week of the following semester in accordance with existing rules.
  7. I am having problems paying school fees. How can the university help me? Ashesi offers several flexible payment plans to meet almost every budget. With our lowest payment option, you can spread your semester tuition over the four months during a semester. If you are still having problems making payments, please write a letter to the Registrar explaining your situation.
  8. I am sending my second child to Ashesi. Will I receive a tuition discount for the second child? Yes. Ashesi offers a 5% discount to parents who send a second child to the university. Furthermore, all applicants may apply for financial aid on the basis of demonstrated need.
  9. My child is on academic probation. What does this mean? Students will be placed on academic probation if at the end of any semester their cumulative grade-point average (g.p.a.) is less than 2.0 (C average). Students will be subject to academic dismissal from Ashesi University if (1) they fail to make normal degree progress, (2) their grade-point averages fall below 1.5 for any one semester, or (3) after one semester on probation they have not achieved a cumulative g.p.a. of 2.0 (C average).
  10. If my child was suspended or dismissed from the university, can he/she apply to be re-admitted? Students who are suspended must make a formal written request to be readmitted at the end of the suspension period. These requests must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar six weeks before the date of registration. A student who has been dismissed must not expect to be readmitted. In very rare cases, the Admissions Committee may agree to consider an application for readmission after at least one year has elapsed from the date of the dismissal. Requests for readmission must be made in writing to the Admissions office. A new admission application must be completed in addition to a letter of recommendation from a full-time member of Ashesi faculty. Other information may be required.

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