Course Descriptions


Advanced Database Systems

Course Overview

This course will address the advanced issues in modern database management systems design principles, techniques and applications. Databases underlie most complex computing systems. Major applications [ Read more...]

Advanced Topics in Business Administration

Course Overview

This advanced topics course covers the myriad ways in which corporations and financial institutions use sophisticated financial structures and derivatives in order to maximize the value of their balance [ Read more...]

Advanced Topics in Computer Science

Course Overview

This course will cover an advanced topic in computer science depending on teacher availability and student interest. An example of a course that might be covered is Very Large Scale Integration [ Read more...]

African Repertory: Music and Dance

Course Overview

This course is designed to help students acquire skills in proficiency in the performance styles of traditional dance forms as well as the emerging contemporary African dance styles including those in the [ Read more...]

Application Course

Course Overview

This course will depend on student interest and the availability of instructors. We give here two sample catalog descriptions.

Computer Graphics

This is an introduction to computer image [ Read more...]

Business Law

Course Overview

[ Read more...]

Calculus I and II

Course Overview

Calculus will be taught separately to students in two different cohorts, grouped according to their prior mathematics preparation in secondary school. Students pursuing degrees in Computer Science must [ Read more...]

Comparative History

Course Overview

This course will cover major themes in world history while also focusing on history as it is lived at a more intimate and human scale. Students will discuss both what makes societies comparable and what [ Read more...]

Comparative Politics: Africa & the World: Political Economy, the State & International Policy

Course Overview

Both economic (market) and political (state) forces shape outcomes in African politics. Choices made by African states regarding international economic affairs are especially important. The interplay of [ Read more...]

Competitive Strategy

Course Overview

Among the critical tasks facing senior managers are the creation, implementation, and evaluation of a business unit’s strategy. This course seeks to provide the management student with tools and [ Read more...]

Computer Organization and Architecture

Course Overview

This course presents the fundamental concepts of computer organization and instruction set architectures. Assembly language programming is used to present and illustrate the concepts of instruction set [ Read more...]

Data Structures and Algorithms

Course Overview

This course will cover fundamental abstract data types and their implementations as data structures, such as lists and trees, as well as asymptotic analyses of algorithms involving these data structures. [ Read more...]

Database Management

Course Overview

This course provides a comprehensive overview of database systems. Students will learn the fundamentals of data access and file systems, including hierarchical, network, relational and object oriented data [ Read more...]


Course Overview

Design is that creative activity which seeks to improve the world by discovering better solutions to persistent problems, and by inventing solutions to new ones. Whether a problem be aesthetic, theoretical [ Read more...]

Discrete Maths

Course Overview

Discrete Mathematics deals with countable things, unlike calculus, which deals with infinitesimals. Digital computers are inherently discrete, so discrete maths has application in data structures, parsing, [ Read more...]


Course Overview

An introduction to e-Commerce principles, technologies and applications. This course also develops understanding of the problems and requirements of Internet security, and the corresponding solutions. [ Read more...]

Final Year/Capstone Project - BA

Students must select one of three possible ways to fulfill their final year capstone project requirement.

(1) Entrepreneurship

This course is fundamentally about how to start a scalable business. Scalable businesses are those that can be [ Read more...]

Financial Accounting

Course Overview

This course will cover the basic concepts of financial accounting, including the construction of financial statements and the various uses that outsiders, such as investors and creditors, make of them. [ Read more...]

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