Department of Computer Science

Welcome. The department of Computer Science teaches course leading up to the following qualifications

  • Major in Computer Science
  • Minor in Computer Science
  • Major in Management Information Systems (taught jointly with Business Administration department)

Computer Science

The computer science program was designed to produce graduates who will enable Ghana to take maximum advantage of the opportunities created by the information revolution. As advanced electronic networks render geographical location less important, Ashesi's students will be well positioned to spearhead Ghana's entry into the electronic marketplace, and to pick up outsourced programming projects from more affluent countries. Students learn the concepts and skills necessary for them to participate in the on-going global technological revolution, while taking advantage of the key competitive advantages that come with working in Ghana. Ashesi's computer science program was designed to produce graduates who can start entrepreneurial ventures in software engineering or assume positions in information technology departments of established firms operating in Ghana. Students acquire skills needed to design, install, and manage information systems, and to develop customized software and electronic media solutions.

The computer science program focuses not only on teaching students the specifics of software design and programming, but also on creating leaders for the software industry in Ghana - men and women who can lead teams and organizations into the information age. The computer science program is therefore tightly integrated with the core curriculum in much the same way that the business program is.

Management Information Systems

In today’s rapidly changing business world, a company’s ability to compete depends on how quickly that enterprise can respond to change. Central to this ability, is the successful use of information, and by extension, the appropriate deployment of information technology.

The Management Information Systems program at Ashesi University seeks to train system analysts and managers, who combine the knowledge of information technology with an understanding of business and organizational strategy. As such, this interdisciplinary program trains managers who are uniquely empowered to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the new knowledge economy.

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