Writing Centre Overview

The Ashesi Writing Centre aims to serve the Ashesi Community by promoting writing as a way of learning and thinking clearly. We at the Centre help identify individual writing problems and discuss ways of improving the writing skills of those that we consult. Through workshops and one-on-one consultations, we encourage students to use their own thought processes as they write, develop their own voices and become more critical writers. The writing Centre is staffed by faculty, students and volunteers who are passionate about writing and language.

Staff and Volunteers


The Centre is located in the TALIF Computer Lab in Building 1 on 3rd Norla Street.


  • We are willing to help with almost any kind of writing: from your scientific lab report to an Economics or Sociological essay, from constructing an outline to polishing a final draft
  • We offer assistance through faculty-, staff- and peer-tutoring that provides individualised help with writing
  • Tutors will meet with students to discuss their writing and provide feedback on each phase of the writing process, from brainstorming and organising ideas to revising a structured paper
  • We also help with finer matters such as grammar, spelling, diction, and punctuation, as well as major concerns such as focus, style and documentation
  • Faculty and staff may also request assistance in designing writing assignments for students or engage in one-on-one consultations about their own professional writing.

How we serve

  • Tutorial Conferences: For students who have been referred to the Centre or have assignments on which they are working, a tutor will be available at an appointed time. Students are advised to bring their assignments with them to the conference and to book an appointment with a tutor beforehand.
  • Drop-in Assistance: For quick help and immediate assistance, students can walk in and receive help from the tutor on duty.
  • Specialised Writing: Tutors will be available to help with any of the following formats: paragraphs, essays and research papers.
  • Study Skills Support: The Writing Centre, in collaboration with the Career Services Centre, helps students with their studies through workshops and individual training in time management, preparing for exams, note taking, facilitating study groups, etc.
  • Resources: The Centre offers many resources to writers through the library. Users of the Centre can access computers, dictionaries, thesauri, MLA handbooks, computer handbooks and tutorial programs. The printer downstairs in the library is also available for use.

Policies and Procedures

Your help is much needed to make the Centre operate smoothly. Please pay attention to the following guidelines:


  • Be on time
  • Bring a neat copy of assignment, any instructions and directions given by your professor and any other related materials (textbooks, notebooks, paper, etc)
  • Walk-ins are allowed, but we recommend that you try to schedule an appointment. This will help you to better get the help you need and improve our service to you

Conduct and Honesty

  • We expect all students to be responsible and respectful of themselves and others
  • There should be no noise, eating or loud distracting talk. If you must talk, please speak in low voices. REMEMBER YOU ARE IN A LIBRARY
  • Cell phones should be put on vibrate. Mobile phone conversations are not allowed in the laboratory
  • In your writing, acknowledge all sources and follow the university policy on plagiarism
  • Produce high quality work as it represents not only the writer/student but also the Writing Centre and Ashesi University

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