The Ashesi Education


Academic Departments and Centres


Mission and responsibilities

Arts and Sciences

Mathematics, Social Sciences, Humanities, Leadership Seminars, African Studies

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Grading Policies

Student work is evaluated throughout the semester through examinations, quizzes, research and writing assignments, projects and participation in class discussions. Final exams and/or projects typically comprise less than 50 percent of the final [ Read more...]

Office of the Registrar

Welcome to the Office of the Registrar. The Registrar is chief administrative officer of the university reporting to the President and responsible for overseeing the day to day administrative affairs of the university. This includes oversight of [ Read more...]

Sample Four-Year Curriculum


Business Administration

Management Info Systems

Computer Science

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Semester Schedule

Ashesi's academic calendar is divided into two semesters. Students typically take four semester units per semester. A semester unit (typically 42 classroom contact hours and 14 discussion/lab contact hours) is defined as three (3) hours per week [ Read more...]

The Ashesi Education

Ashesi University offers four-year bachelors degrees in Computer Science, Management Information Systems, and Business Administration, based on a liberal arts core curriculum.  A service learning component is built into the curriculum.  The [ Read more...]