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May 11, 2012

Book Reviews

April 2012-The Passion Test

January 2011-30 Minutes to Improve you Networking Skills

December 2010-The Student's Guide to Exam Success

November 2010-What Can You Do With a Major in Business

October 2010-Whistle [ Read more...]

March 27, 2012

Work Study


Code of Conduct

Admissions Office/Front Desk

Business Administration Department

Development Office/Alumni Relations

Learning Labs


IT Department

Health [ Read more...]

January 18, 2012

Mentoring Newsletter

The Mentoring Newsletter will serve as the main discussion tool for mentors and mentees over the one year course of their mentoring experience. The Career Services will publish the newsletter once every month.

Below are the [ Read more...]

November 24, 2011

Career Peer Advisors

The Career Peer Advisors are students who help the Ashesi career service in organizing events on campus, assisting with career workshops, assisting students with their CVs and Cover Letters.  The following are list of current CPAs [ Read more...]

November 03, 2011

Career Fair pictures

March 2011


[ Read more...]
June 29, 2011

A Mentor's Mentoring Experience

Ms. Maureen Erekua Odoi,

AABN/GIM Programme Coordinator


 Introduction – History of Mentoring

 Mentoring has been around since the time of the ancient Greeks.  Homer [ Read more...]

August 29, 2010

What can I do with this Major?

Choosing a major is an important decision. Different majors open doors to different career paths.  In a liberal arts college like Ashesi, it shapes the final three years of your education and sets you on the path of your chosen career. Key to [ Read more...]

August 29, 2010

Job Search Tools

Career Library and Resources

Ashesi’s Career Library is located within the premises of the Career Services Center. The library is furnished with books and audio visual resources which cover the broad areas of Career Exploration and Development [ Read more...]

August 24, 2010

Ashesi Career Mentoring Programme


Mentoring is a personal relationship in which a more experienced professional serves as a role model and guides or advises a less experienced person. In our mentoring program, the alumni and business professionals (in or outside the [ Read more...]

August 24, 2010


The Career Service supplements students’ efforts in acquiring internship positions in many diverse fields of work. Internships are encouraged all year round but most actively during the long vacation (June-August). Internships offer students a [ Read more...]

August 24, 2010

Preparing for your career

The Career Centre is an important resource for Ashesi students. Our mission is to help prepare students for life after Ashesi, helping them match their interests, values, and skills with a meaningful career. Please stop by the office for help [ Read more...]

August 24, 2010

Service Learning

At Ashesi, the liberal arts approach extends beyond the classroom through service learning. A requirement for graduation, the service learning component exists as another dimension of our commitment to nurturing well-rounded graduates who [ Read more...]

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