Student Reflections

The Unbelievable Maneuver to Ashesi University

Freshman, Class of 2016

Just One Year – January 2012 to September 2012:

I went from being a student to a high school Swahili teacher to a banker and then, just about to go back to teaching and [ Read more...]

Ashesi opens many doors

Kpetermeni Siakor

Sophomore, Class of 2015

After I completed St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School in 2006, I returned to my home country, Liberia. But my passion for computers kept me from accepting anything less [ Read more...]

My Ashesi Experience

Selase Malwine Dela-Brown

Senior, Class of 2013

Educate, party, pass, graduate, move to the next thing! These were my initial thoughts as I entered Ashesi in my freshman year. Ashesi was just a stepping stone I [ Read more...]

Dare to Dream

Mawumefa Banini

Sophomore, Class of 2015

I can still remember vividly the conversation I had with my dad in my first year of high school. It was about universities in Ghana. I actually cannot remember what brought [ Read more...]

A decision I am most proud of

Richard Odame

Sophomore, Class of 2015

Coming to Ashesi was a dream come true for me. I honestly thought that my financial standing would hinder my admission into this noble institution. Today however, I can [ Read more...]

Ashesi: Inspiring change

Johanna Glaser

Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar, Fall 2010 to Spring 2011

For my scholarship year in Ghana, it probably would have been most practical to choose a study institution offering graduate-level courses, [ Read more...]

My journey to success

Rachelle Elodie Konan

Class 2011

Four years ago I was surfing the internet for a good university in West Africa when I stumbled upon the Ashesi website. I was amazed by their affiliation to foreign institutions [ Read more...]

The Ashesi family

Sophia Aryeetey

Class of 2011

Strange how a single conversation can change you or maybe it only seems that way in retrospect. During my college search, I engaged in a conversation with some friends from high [ Read more...]

My Ashesi experience

Kobla Nyomi

Class of 2011

I was still a final year student at Mfantsipim School when I heard about Ashesi for the first time. I got curious after I watched a 20 minute documentary presentation on Ashesi’s [ Read more...]

A home away from home

Afua Biney

Class of 2011

That is how I would describe Ashesi if you asked me. I joined this family in 2007 and I have had no regrets ever since. I have not only met colleagues and lecturers during my stay here but [ Read more...]

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