A decision I am most proud of

Richard Odame

Sophomore, Class of 2015

Coming to Ashesi was a dream come true for me. I honestly thought that my financial standing would hinder my admission into this noble institution. Today however, I can proudly hold my head high among my peers as a proud member of the Ashesi Community, and this is all because of the financial aid that I was awarded.  Even though I have only spent a year here so far, I have had an abundance of unforgettable experiences that have all served as reasons for me to be thankful for enrolling here.

On account of Ashesi’s Liberal Arts approach to education, I have had the opportunity to study in areas that go far beyond just my chosen course of study (Business Administration). In addition to this, Ashesi has given me the chance to improve and hone my communication skills, especially through presentations. I did not know I could be good at presentations. All of this, coupled with small class sizes, low student-to-faculty ratios and good inter-personal relationships with lecturers, whose doors are opened to students both during office and non-office hours has made my experience worthwhile.

Socially, Ashesi is a community with a cosmopolitan atmosphere and opportunities to interact with students from different countries all over the world. I think this experience of diversity has opened my mind and given me a deeper understanding of the way others live and behave.

All in all, I have no regrets at all about my decision to enroll at Ashesi University College. I would gladly encourage others to do the same. It is a decision I am most proud of.

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