Class of 2011 Job Placement Record

This year’s placement record maintains a high level of employment up to 99% as in the past. There were some delays with regards to start dates. Generally most students were satisfied with their jobs, given that some had changed jobs several times before landing their preferred jobs.  Again the Banking and Finance Industry absorbed the highest number of students—27% (including Tax & Audit), making it the top hiring industry of the year. Next to Finance was Education and Software Development. This indicates that most Computer Science majors secured jobs in the Software/IT industry. The oil and gas industry continues to feature with KOSMOS Energy making their first contract hire.  Overall, most organizations were satisfied with class of 2011’s performance during the interview and at work. Unlike the past year we did not see a number of the graduating class going back to school immediately. Perhaps, they are learning from the experiences of their predecessors—class of 2010.











For the first time Ashesi University played a very huge role in hiring its own students emerging as the top hiring organization for 2011 with a clear cut lead of 8 points—stretching the second organization (Fidelity Bank) by 2 points. The 6 top hiring organizations combined hired 36 % of class of 2011. And it is heartening to see SCG Consulting and General Electric (GE) still among the top hirers.