2010 Placement by Industry—98% in 4 Months after Graduation

Class of 2010 achieved career placement of 98% in four months after graduation with the highest placement coming from Tax, Audit and Insurance combined (14%), followed by Graduates Studies & Research; Oil, Energy & Mining; and IT Solutions & Software Developmentat (13% each). This year we saw a remarkable development in class of 2010 with regards to Graduate Studies. Of the 13% that found themselves in the educational industry 8% were actually students who were pursuing further studies mostly in the UK. Thirteen percent of our students went into the IT and Software engineering industry an indication that Computer Science students are making good use of their education and skills set after school. The Fashion, Media and Advertising industry as well as Agro businesses & Shipping has also shown some potential taking up 5% each. These are evidence that our students are being attracted to other unconventional industries where they can still apply their creative skills and liberal arts education. Please graphic analysis of 2010 placement on the next page.