Ashesi Career Mentoring Programme


Mentoring is a personal relationship in which a more experienced professional serves as a role model and guides or advises a less experienced person. In our mentoring program, the alumni and business professionals (in or outside the Ashesi community) will constitute mentors and students, mentees. Being a mentor does not oblige one to secure jobs or internships for students. The mentoring relationship is intended to provide an opportunity for:

  • networking
  • professional development
  • enhancing students’ transition from school to the working world.

The Process

In such an exuberant community like Ashesi a lot of informal mentoring takes place. Career Services however hopes to formalize mentoring relationships by matching mentors and mentees based on mutual career interests and aspirations. To participate in the program, you need to complete a sign up sheet (matching will be done based on information provided). Once matching is done an initial kick off meeting will be held at the beginning of the academic year to enable pairs get acquainted, set goals and expectations, decide on best means of communication (email, phone or in-person) and frequency of meeting (at least once a month).

At the end of the academic year, there will be a closing meeting dubbed Mentors Connection Night where participants express appreciation and share experiences or memories of the relationship.


Complete a sign up sheet if you wish to participate in the program either as a mentor or mentee and return the form to Career Services via email or in person. You will be notified once a suitable match is found.

Suggested Activities for pairs:

  • Exchange phone numbers and email addresses
  • Set goals and expectations for the relationship (including the most convenient place to meet, preferred means of communication etc.)
  • Discuss student’s career interest and goals
  • Discuss how the mentor’s career and personal life fit together
  • Attend career event(s) together (e.g. the Mentoring Kick-off meeting, Mentor Connection Night, Career Fair etc).
  • Critique students résumé and cover letter
  • Role-play Informational and Job Interview and give feedback to student
  • Discuss the transition from school to work
  • Discuss ‘office politics and business etiquette’
  • Discuss post graduate educational/career pathways
  • Read a career related literature and discuss

Monitoring & Evaluation

The program coordinator will communicate with both mentors and mentees regularly. Mentors and mentees will be encouraged to update the program coordinator on the development of the relationship. Should a mentor or mentee feel uncomfortable with the assigned partner, he should approach the program coordinator in person, via phone or email. At the end of the academic year mentors and mentees will respond to program evaluation feedback form to enhance subsequent mentoring programs.

Click here to download the Mentor sign-up form (pdf)

Click here to download the Mentee sign-form form (pdf)

Click here to download the Mentorship Programme Brochure (pdf)


Our Mentors

Our mentoring program has attracted a lot of mentors from both public and private sectors of industry and business.

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Click here to view the profiles of some of our mentors (pdf)

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