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Career Library and Resources

Ashesi’s Career Library is located within the premises of the Career Services Center. The library is furnished with books and audio visual resources which cover the broad areas of Career Exploration and Development and Grad school prep materials and brochures. Company Brochures and Personality Assessment instruments are also available. Book Reviews are released regularly to encourage and increase patronage of the books in the library. Periodically, useful website links and online articles are shared with students who need further information on career related topics. Visit us to find a resource that best meets your career goals!

Workshops And Presentations

The career services centre organises workshops and presentations which reflect global trends and are tailored to suit the needs of every student. The purpose is to keep students informed of changing markets and to adequately prepare them to compete and excel. Workshops and presentations organised include:

  • Networking seminars
  • The MBTI assessment program
  • Resume and cover letter writing workshops
  • Interview skills training

Online Resources

CV/Résumé writing

Cover letter writing

Interviewing skills

Job search

Negotiating for an employment package

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