Career Fair

Career Fairs are valuable opportunities that build up student personalities toward the professional industry. Career fairs are one day events that bring the entire student body of Ashesi University together with Corporate Ghana to interact on various career issues. As our students seek to enter the corporate and professional world, Ashesi Career Fairs form an indispensable part of their Ashesi experience.

To ensure that we produce the right kind of professionals for the growing corporate industry, we would like to invite you to the next Ashesi Career Fair event. This event showcases the smart and brilliant minds of Ashesi students together with the master minds behind the Ghanaian Corporate world. This event needs you to sow a seed in the lives of these young and emerging leaders and professionals. Companies also get the opportunity to network with other corporate counterparts present. Ashesi is all about community and friendship - we have a lot to offer you in as much as you have to offer us. Contact our Career Services Center to indicate your interest in participating in this year’s Career Fair.


2011 Career Fair

2012 Career Fair