Executives in Residence Programme

The Executives In Residence Program introduces seasoned executives to share their experiences and knowledge for a semester or a year on campus. Executives meet students for mentoring sessions or join the classroom sessions as guest lecturers. The aim is to give students a bird’s- eye view of the operations and developments within the world of business.

These corporate executives constantly interact with Ashesi’s faculty and students for the purposes of dialogue, the exchange of ideas and the transfer of skills and expertise. Executives in Residence contribute their in-depth knowledge and proficiency in related courses to give students a firsthand experience and advice on the practical and theoretical applications of the courses being studied.

Through these interactive meetings, students are able to network and familiarise themselves with top officials in the corporate world. Would you like to be an Executive in Residence? Contact our offices for further information.

To sign up to be a visiting executive, please contact the career services office at.

If you would like to participate but cannot commit to a full semester or year of engagement, then please consider joining our Visiting Executives Programme, which enables short visits to campus. The VEP (Visiting Executives Program) is part of Ashesi’s broader efforts to develop leadership capacity for the 21st century challenges and preparing its students for the working world. The program is designed to enrich the learning experiences of current students, offers students, faculty and staff the opportunity to interact with seasoned executives who have proven track records of excellence, who understand the domestic and global challenges of the 21st century, and who can address the strategic focus of higher education's role in preparing the future workforce.

Selected executives are distinguished and influential individuals in their professions who will share their insights about, leadership, global workplace issues and the importance of ethics. During their time on campus, the executives will conduct seminars and lectures, talk with students about successful transitions into the workplace, and speak with faculty and staff about the changing needs and expectations in the workplace. Please contact the Career Services Center to learn more about the program.


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