Hiring Student Interns

Ashesi's Career Services Office works hard to match the right student with the right company. Our goal is to provide students and employers with the information to successfully match employer needs with student's interests and skills.

The internship program is an important component of Ashesi's educational mission. It serves as an excellent way for companies to identify future employees and also provides a great learning experience for our students.

Click here to download the Employer Internship request form

How it works

  • Fill the employee request form
  • E-mail filled form to the career service
  • Career service will announce to the student body of available positions
  • Students apply
  • Organization does the selection and interviews

Internships normally takes place from June to August and December to January as well

10 tips on setting up a successful internship programme

1. HR consults all departments to assess their needs for student interns

2. HR prepares job descriptions based on input from departments

3. HR sends request to Ashesi Career Centre

4. HR designs an internship program to incorporate the needs of the department (taking one component at a time, e.g. a week for each component starting with the basics and increasing responsibilities over time)

5. HR receives students’ applications

6. HR reviews and schedules interview(s) (if needed)

7. Successful applicants are contacted directly or through Ashesi Career Services

8. Taken through an orienta­tion session and assigned mentors

9. Students are posted to their departments/rotated through departments

10. Each student’s performance reviewed by his/her supervi­sor at the end of the internship. Copies of the Ashesi Internship Evaluation Form sent to the Ashesi Career Services Centre.

Please click here to download the Company Internship Assessment Form

What to Expect from an Ashesi Intern

At Ashesi students are trained to transfer the skills they are learning in the classroom to the work place. The liberal arts approach to education instills in our students excellent writing and verbal communication skills, critical and analytical thinking, and a strong work ethic. All Ashesi students are computer literate due to the state-of-the-art information technology tools on campus and the use of computers for assignments and analysis.

Below is just one example of many of our students’ experiences on internships and the high praises employers are showering on our students.

Sample Internship Profile

Nii Amoo Darkoh is a Business Administration Student who is working towards a career in investment banking. He recently had the exciting opportunity to intern at the Investment Banking department of Ecobank.

During his 6 week internship at Ecobank, Nii recorded banking transactions, calculated interest returns from specific funds, and provided administrative assistance in his department. His experience strengthened his understanding of asset management and investment decision making.

According to his supervisor Mr. Alex E. Asiedu, Fund Manager at Ecobank Investment Managers, “Nii has done his work with distinction. We have really really enjoyed working with him. He is a great team player.”

For more examples of student internships, visit the Internship Reflections page.

Ashesi students at career preparation seminar

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Employer Feedback

“Ashesi students I have hired at Databank have stood out as leaders and proven themselves to be inquiring, innovative and valuable assets in the growth of our investment banking company.”

Ken Ofori-Atta, Chairman, Executive Databank Group

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