Service Learning

At Ashesi, the liberal arts approach extends beyond the classroom through service learning. A requirement for graduation, the service learning component exists as another dimension of our commitment to nurturing well-rounded graduates who personify excellence in scholarship, leadership and citizenship.

In particular, service learning helps students develop a sense of citizenship by giving them an opportunity to become engaged with their surrounding community, while considering how they can make a positive impact on improving that community or solving its problems. Students may fulfill the service learning requirement in a variety of ways. The Service Learning Programme also aims to enrich the learning experience and provide possible career options for students at Ashesi University College.

Ashesi students learn how to become the responsible leaders of tomorrow, via a unique combination of:

  • A leadership seminar consisting of reading and discussions on the topic of leadership as service and visits from community representatives.
  • Hands-on practical experience, through volunteering within the community.

How have our students been involved over the years?

Listed below are some activities our students have been involved in:

  • Teaching/tutoring at local public schools
  • Using their computer skills for improving or setting up offices in organizations eg creating an office network to increase efficiency and productivity
  • Leading computer literacy courses for teachers & students at primary schools
  • Academic mentoring
  • HIV/AIDS peer education
  • Fundraising to supply antiretroviral drugs to HIV patients
  • Developing web sites for non-profit organizations
  • Staffing a soup kitchen for street children
  • Fundraising to build wells, boreholes and rain catching devices in the areas lacking water

Click here for a list of organizations where Ashesi students volunteer.

Click here to download the service learning request form


Comments from Students and Community Representatives

  • "…a worthy ambassador of Ashesi University and exhibited the excellence that Ashesi stands for. During the short time she worked at the Village of Hope, Miss Araba Amuasi distinguished herself as an epitome of excellence. We have been very impressed by her performance"
    Fred Asare, Managing Director, Village of Hope
  • "It was a worthwhile experience being able to offer help and give joy to a less privileged section of society."
    Oluwaseun Ogungbemi, Business Administration, Class of 2008