A Mentor's Mentoring Experience

Ms. Maureen Erekua Odoi,

AABN/GIM Programme Coordinator


 Introduction – History of Mentoring

 Mentoring has been around since the time of the ancient Greeks.  Homer narrates in The Odyssey, when Ulysses went to war he requested his friend, mentor, the son of Alcimus, to give advice to his wife and son.  This points to the fact that, a mentor is one who gives advice and assistance.

 My Ashesi Mentoring Experience

 Started on a rather shaky ground.  It progressed into a beautiful relationship and ended on a rather emotional and lifelong relationship.  I saw excellence and beauty in a rather shy young woman who blossomed into a beautiful confident woman with a vision to achieve a heartfelt desire, having considered all the perspectives.

 I am indeed proud to say, Ms. Osei is currently pursuing a Masters in Development Studies, she excelled and presented her entire graduating class during the Class of 2010 Ashesi Graduation.  I felt good!  I decided African Aurora Business Network (AABN) would continue this relationship with Ashesi and also share the story with other mentors, when necessary.

 Basically, six areas stood out for me, but this is not limited to these:

 Role Model – Inspire Ashesi Mentees to follow in the footsteps of other successful mentors

 Coach – To develop leadership and promote excellence

 Learning – Help mentees adhere to some legal or required obligations

 Networking – Facilitate access to networks and make referrals

 Sound Board – Be an active listener to ideas and offer constructive criticisms and assessment of ideas.  Being a brain to pick on.

 Counselor – Offer guidance and advice, and being a hand to push gently in the right direction

 Support & Encouragement – Motivating and instilling confidence