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Ashesi students are being adequately trained to be outstanding in every working environment in which they find themselves. They are expected to be time conscious, responsible and should be able to multi-task. The university therefore provides students with the opportunity to work whilst still in school. This provides a good opportunity for students to appreciate the concept of work in a more familiar setting before immersing themselves in the outside world. Through the work-study program, which is supervised by a work-study coordinator, students acquire valuable skills that contribute to them becoming more responsible adults.

Students are allowed to work a maximum of 10 hours a week when school is in session but can do more during breaks or holidays. This also gives students the chance to make some money for themselves while still in school. Work study students are paid by the hour. The work study contract last for an academic year after which new hires are made as deemed necessary by the departments. In the same way, a student can move from one department to another after the academic year is over.

Code of Conduct

Students can work in different departments under the work study program. All work study students are expected to abide by the following code of conduct in all their interactions.

  • The intern must have good communication skills and act maturely and professionally on the job.
  • He/she should be a well organized individual
  • They should have excellent time Management skills which will help them to not lag behind while helping others.
  • He/she must be able to take initiative that will produce good results
  • Must have the ability to relate well with peers and entire community
  • Must have a high level of confidentiality
  • The student must be very responsible and take responsibility for actions when things do not go as planned
  • Must have an open mind and be willing to learn.
  • Students must also present themselves well and have a good appearance

The departments and Job descriptions are detailed below.

Admissions Office/Front Desk: Students who intern at the Admissions office are required to take the place of the front desk personnel when they are not available. This is mainly to cover lunch periods for the receptionist. Since they are usually the first point of contact to visitors who are coming to Ashesi, the interns are required to behave professionally especially in their demeanour and how their general appearance. It is also expected of them to be polite and very mature in handling any situation that might come up during their work. The job description is listed below.

  • Respond to prospective students and parents enquiries about Ashesi
  • Handle in-coming and out-going mails and calls; taking messages on behalf of the staff and faculty members of the University.
  • Communicate with prospective students on behalf of the university
  • Take parents and visitors on tours of the campus
  • Keep track of sale of admissions forms and its financial records
  • Receive payment from students and other people and receipting them accordingly. This includes payment of catalogues, application forms and school fees payment.
  • Perform general clerical and administrative duties; filling, photocopying, printing etc

Supervisor: Ms. Mavis Jamena

Business Administration Department

The Department of Business Administration  gives the opportunity to students with a strong track record to gain work experience outside the classroom, performing tasks including research, coordinating programs and organizing events  on behalf of the department. The student also has opportunities for networking with professionals in corporate Ghana and beyond.

On the whole, students are able to gain significant experience and also benefit from hourly stipends.

Supervisor: Dr. Esi Ansah

Development Office/Alumni Relations: Student interns in this department are to assist the Associate Director of Development and the Alumni and Public Relations Officer. Students who intern in the development office are required to assist in the following areas

  • Help with publications; must have good writing skills
  • Assist in event planning activities which are handled by the department
  • Must be good with graphic design or be prepared to learn
  • The student must have good database management skills
  • The student must be proficient in web content management

Supervisor: Mr. Ebenezer Buckman

Learning Labs: The learning labs were set up to assist students who have problems either with writing, mathematics, programming or economics. These learning labs have student tutors who assist their colleagues with the difficulties that they may have with certain courses. The students who work in these learning labs apply for the job but need to be approved by the coordinators of the learning lab. This is because the position that these students are in requires them to teach other students, implicitly, they must be on top of their course materials.

Math Resource Center/Writing Center/ Programming Resource Center/Economics Center

  • Tutors are to help students with the problems they may be facing in class
  • They guide students to do their work and not to do their work for them
  • The students are required to show high levels of responsibility and maturity on the job in handling student issues
  • Tutors are not expected to discuss students’ personal issues with other people or intimidate them


Math Resource Center - Mrs. Rebecca Awuah

Writing Center: Ms. Marian Horowitz

Programming Resource Center: Mr. Kwadwo Gyamfi Osafo Marfo

Library: Students interns in the library have a huge responsibility in making sure that everything in the library is going on smoothly especially when the library staff are not around. The students are required to act responsibly and be able to keep order in the library. As part of their responsibilities, the library interns are required to

  • Make sure students are quiet when they are in the library
  • Answer enquiries made by students, faculty and staff members when they need any information; and if they are not able to do, inform library staff
  • Issue books to people who need to borrow
  • Deal with books that have been borrowed and returned manually. Leave those which were checked out of the system for library staff to check them in.
  • Supervise students after the official staff closing hours of work i.e. 5:00 pm and on Saturdays as well.
  • Perform closing routines and make sure that the whole library is shut down before the closing hours.
  • Help with stamping and numbering of books and other resources
  • Perform data collection and entry routines as well as cataloguing of resources
  • Assist with bar-coding and spine labeling
  • Perform duties professionally and avoid entertaining friends at the reference desk

Supervisors: Mrs. Nina Chachu

Ms. Diana Kotey

IT Department: Student interns in the IT Department manage the minor IT issues that student may face. As part of their job description, they are to know and do the following

  • Website content management
  • Computer lab supervision and maintenance
  • Basic trouble shooting and support
  • Help with other duties when need be. (eg: taking inventory )
  • Seminars on basic computer usage
  • General support

Supervisor: Ms. Gloria Kwei

Health Center: The student intern at the health center is to assist the Nurse Administrator manage the health center. They are in charge of administering first aid and to help out with minor health issues. The intern’s duties include

  • Bed making
  • Going on health inspections with the nurse administrator
  • Coordinating the Ashesi Peer Educators
  • Clerical duties, e.g. photocopies, typing
  • Assist in mobilizing students for programs organized by the health center, e.g. Eye screening day, HIV/AIDS testing day, health fairs
  • Conducting surveys on the Ashesi community to facilitate decision-making on health issues affecting the community
  • Reporting on sanitation/ health issues observed in the resident halls over the weekend
  • Liaising and working with the Resident Assistants who are equipped with First Aid boxes
  • Assist in conveying sick student to the nearest referral center when on duty
  • Administer salbutamol using the nebulizer, in mild asthmatic crisis

Supervisor: Mrs. Sharon Rominiyi

Grade Requirement

In order to be on the work study program, students will need to be in a good academic standing. Students are required to maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher. Any work study student who has a grade below this point will lose their place on the program.

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