Internship Reflections

The Majesty Within

Sarah MillsClass of 2007 BA

‘It is 8:45 pm and I’m still here. My only companions are the sounds of the air conditioner and my heartbeat. It has been a hectic day and I am totally drained. Somehow, I seem to want more [ Read more...]

My Hyatt Experience

Emi-beth AmableClass of 2007 BA

After two interviews, one with a panel from Ashesi and the other, a phone interview with a representative from the Hyatt I was primed and ready for my internship. I had an idealist's vision [ Read more...]

My internship experience at PricewaterhouseCoopers

By Anita Anaama AyamghaClass of 2007

It was a week to the end of the semester and I still had no idea what I will be doing with my summer vacation. Then on my birthday I received a call, inviting me for an interview. I [ Read more...]

Meeting ‘me’

Romeo Owusu AningClass of 2010

This summer during my internship I met many different people, from high government dignitaries to businesspeople, from all over the world, but one very important person I met was [ Read more...]

Internship Bliss

Joseph Foray Class of 2008

It could not have been a better opportunity than the chance to work with Databank for two months during the summer break. Databank is the largest investment banking firm in Ghana and manages [ Read more...]