My experience at PZ Cussons Ghana

Philip Boye-Doku
Class of 2013, MIS

I started as an intern in PZ Cussons Ghana on the 17th of May 2010.  I had the opportunity to serve in the IT department. The IT department had a wonderful team.  The team was made up of the head of the department, Mr. Abdul Wahab Issah and three Supervisors who were in charge of all the Information Technology (IT) and Information Systems (IS) issues.  My assigned duties helped in building a good network with staff in the other departments.  I played a number of roles to support the team to meet its set targets and objectives.

My Role

PZ Cussons uses helpdesk software called heat. A staff logs in calls or complaints via heat using e-mail or phone. The IT department takes the call and follows up. The calls logged in often relate to issues concerning the IT and IS issues. We make sure the calls logged in do not exceed Service Level Agreement (SLA).  PZ Cussons does not keep too long attending to the complaint of the logger.

My experience

I assisted users with difficulties they faced using Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint.  I also helped solve other issues related to the computer and applications.  When needed, I assisted with asset issue and relocation.  Other duties I performed were to change backup tapes daily, as well as change toners and cartridges.

I had the opportunity to start an inventory system project that was to change the manual way of recording inventories. It was a database application. I had to learn databases ranging from books to the internet.  It was not easy for me though. My team was of great help to me. I had so many questions and they helped me out.  Bringing codes together to produce what I knew was another hurdle for me.  I am happy I started something worthwhile although I could not complete.  Working through the project was a life time experience and I learnt so much.

My three-month internship in PZ Cussons has been worthwhile and accomplishing. I recommend PZ Cussons to my fellow colleagues.  I believe they will have a feel of the learning experience in a production industry when given the chance.