My HFC Experience

Sophia Kafui Teye
Class of 2010, BA

The opportunity to intern with HFC Investment Services Limited came with a rewarding experience.  Interning in the Managed Funds Department has helped build my understanding of collective investment schemes and how it is managed.

Working in the Managed Funds Department has enlightened me on many things.  It has also changed certain perceptions I had about wealth creation.

I assisted clients on completion of fund application forms as well as to introduce them to the HFC’s services.  My duties involved setting up accounts for clients, introducing clients to HFC’s services and send reports and financial statements to out-station branches.  I also prepared a marketing material for HFC F-Plan Trust.  Carrying out these responsibilities in the Managed Funds Department demanded a lot of commitment, dedication and patience.

In executing my duties in the Managed Funds Department, I have improved upon my communication skills and critical thinking skills.