The Oxford & Beaumont experience

Prince Addoquaye Acquaye
Class of 2012 CS

People sometimes say I over hype everything that comes my way whether big or small. It is to this effect that I took my internship at Oxford & Beaumont Solicitors seriously. Right from the word go, I knew that the internship was going to be a challenging one. Partly because it was a new environment for me and another because I wanted this internship to be my stepping stone to my law career. I had never come into close contact with law professionals so I had an open mind. Therefore, I always reported to work early.

From school there was a concern that Ashesi students were not one of the best when it came to time, therefore I endeavored not to leave the lateness mark with the law firm after I had left. I paid close attention to the culture there and fit in perfectly like I was already a worker in the firm. I enjoyed going to court with the lawyers and also working on memos for clients. Regardless of my computer science background, they engaged me in a lot of work that made me see what actually goes on in a law firm. I was even privileged to share my opinions on technological assignments.

The O&B firm has a culture similar to that at Ashesi University so I was really pleased to be there. The lawyers were great mentors and I am still in contact with almost all of them. They really believed in me and in the Ashesi dream. They gave me talks both with regards to my academic needs and my personal life. Overall this internship has been the best ever, and I am looking forward to working there after my law degree.