My Internship at Indepth Network

Class of 2013, MIS

INDEPTH Network is an international platform of sentinel demographic centresthat provide health and demographic data and research to enable developing countries to set health priorities and policies based on longitudinal evidence. In line with these objectives,INDEPTH accepted to collaborate with TZ Productionsfor a project called “ Africa and the World” which involves the compilation of footage for a groundbreaking documentary film directed by TukufuZuberiin which the history of many African nations, including Ghana, from World War II to the present is portrayed.

The tasks assigned to me were really interesting and challenging and I liked to come to work every morning also because I had good working relations with other staff as well as those I worked with on the project. I gained considerable knowledge about business practices and also about teamwork, communication skills and networking with other people.

The level of support provided by my immediate supervisor (Mrs. Jeannette Quarcoopome - Communications and External Relations Manager) was outstanding. She gave me interesting and challenging tasks, asked my opinion of various issues and we had constant healthy exchange of ideas. I learned a lot because, though I worked independently sometimes, quite often I got support from her.

Most of the tasks I handled were associated with communicating with interviewees and following up on contacts with the special assistants and spokespersons of the personalities who were to be interviewed for the film project.

This gave me the opportunity to apply all the knowledge I had obtained in school during our career sessions and lecturesin a practical situation. It was an excellent opportunity to enable me  had to make every effort to be very professional and enhanced my negotiation skills.

The best part of the internship was when I had to accompany the crew members to the film locations and interacted with some very high profile persons such as Former President John AgyekumKufour, Mr. K. B. Asante and a Ghanaian World War II veteran.  Others were Hon. Samia Nkrumah and Professor Francis Nkrumah among others.

On the whole, the project (Africa and the World) enabled me to develop an interest in Ghana’s historical developments and political experiences before and after independence.  It also helped me to better appreciate how Ghana and Africa fit in the Global Village.

I am greatly indebted to the INDEPTH Network, the staff and above all the Executive Director for giving the opportunity to work with such a reputable organization.  I am also grateful to my immediate supervisor, Mrs. Jeannette Quarcoopome who gave me the much needed direction to enable me perform to the best of my ability.